Thursday, July 28, 2016

22 Crappy Pictures To Peer At While Pooping

Boy have I got a treat for you guys! 15 of the funniest pics the internet has to offer (because you haven't heard that before) are right here at your fingertips! And as a special bonus, I've only included one Harambe and one iPhone 7 meme, because I don't know about you, but I'm so sick to death of seeing them, I might just end it right after I finish this introduction! And on that note, please enjoy!

1. This is what happens when you cut your own hair

2. This is what happens when you let someone else cut your hair

Lesson learned, don't ever cut your hair

3. The lord is always watching

4. Three square meals a day, a living environment where all sharp objects are banned...

And no one asks you to do the dishes.

Well, we made it through an entire page without iPhone 7 memes...

5. Without Jack, will Apple sink faster than the Titanic?

6. Indeed, he does...

Something I'm reminded of by the internet every single goddamn day

7. When in Rome...Dress for the job you want...I don't know. Make up your own damn caption.

8. This is actually me...

After this article gets posted and I have to read all your comments about how unfunny the pictures are and the lack of effort put forth by the writer.

Just kidding. I don't read your comments.

Anyway, I know you want to click to the next page because there's a shoplifting grandma on there! 

9. Oh ratchet!

10. Just more proof that grandma's from the hood 

11. This is why they don't deserve more than five dollars an hour 

Did you ever have a friend growing up that you were almost certain would become a serial killer?

12. For a sophisticated twist on your favorite cocktail, flavor your ice with baby

13. There comes a point in everyone's college career when they realize exactly how useless their degree is

I actually laminated mine and I use it a mat for my dog's water bowl 

14. I don't think that's how it works...

Mostly because it's a thermometer 

15. The best trick to play on your drunk roommate 

The next thing on this list...well, you either love it or you hate it...

16. If I hear one more person talk about Pumpkin spice, I will personally volunteer to down that bottle of Clorox 

17. This dog kinda looks like a pumpkin

18. What did you expect? Gingers are cool.

Especially when they're not eating your soul! 

Not as cool as the Mayor of Minnesota though... 

19. If only the whole country could model itself after Minnesota 

20. It's 2016, I can identify how I please!

21. I wish there was a way I could leave you guys with a cool backwards message...

22. I can't stop laughing at this.

Later, all you star knits live!


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