Friday, July 1, 2016

23 People Dodging Bullets Like Neo

Most people believe that the Matrixmovies are fictional, but that's not entirely true. Some people are born with the same ability as Neo to slow down time and dodge bullets. Don't believe me? These pictures are the proof!

1. Probably dropped from two feet.

Would hate to ruin that pedicure. If she hadn't been able to save her toes, she'd at least be able to save some nail polish later on.

2. Phew! That was a close one.

Nothing can ruin a day like a yellow Starburst. If you say your fav is yellow, I'll fight you.

3. This could've been souper annoying.

Nothing like seasoning your meal with whatever bacteria happens to be lurking on your fingers as you fish your spoon from the bottom of your bowl.

4. Couldn't have been more perfect.

This could have been tree-cherous. Mother Nature is like, "I'll just leaf this right here."

5. That could've been a train wreck. 

I've watched this over and over and my body still tenses every time I see that incoming train. It's given me a freight

6. Nice save.

But your mom knows you better than that! She knows full well that your favorite thing to have in your mouth is her homemade lasagna. 

7. Great way to the test the waters.

Smoooooth. if only all my cringeworthy texts could be blamed on grammar.

8. That could've gone downhill quickly.

And by downhill, I mean into an angry, raging river. Close call!

9. 8/10 on the landing.

If I had 1/1000th of the grace this boy has, I would have a full-ride scholarship to Julliard for ballet. 

10. Bless up.

Although this could work out well for her in the end, too. When they break up, she won't even need to crop him out of the pic.

11. Checkmate. 

I can't stop watching this. I swear, it gets better each time. 

12. Good try...but I bet he didn't buy it for a second.

But guess what, dude? Sara's dad LOVES karaoke. How are you gonna dodge that?

13. Nailed it.

People ask me why I wear iron boots in the dead of summer. I show them this picture.

14. I think this dude might actually be Neo.

If you break down this gif and study it frame by frame, you can see the plug in the back of his neck where the Kung Fu was downloaded.

15. Dad's the Gatorade dealer.

Shoulda asked for 3 gs. One for you, one for Dad, and one for the sister who told the entire internet what's up.

16. It would have been an honest mistake...

If your pancakes taste a bit lemony, don't look at me. I'll be sitting on my butter-flavored chair over here.

17. That would not have been pleasant.

I recall pulling something like this on my dad as a kid. He still hasn't forgiven me.

18. This is why you double-check your alarms before bed!

Thankfully my phone defaults to AM for alarms, which is particularly charming when I try to set a 4 PM reminder to start dinner...

19. These are not interchangeable in the least.

I can tell you that I'm definitely not sleeping through this. Or worse, you'll find me asleep on the toilet.

20. It's a good thing he forgot to take those pills!

Go home, bed. You're drunk.

21. Their parents must be elated. This is a milestone to celebrate!

"Please let the cooties stage last forever."

22. HAHA! I tricked the cookie system!

These fortune cookies sound like my sisters giving me advice.

23. They should buy a lottery ticket!

Like, immediately. Go


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