Friday, July 22, 2016

23 Times The World Made Us Do A Double Take

In life, everyone encounters certain situations where they are forced to stop, take stock, look again and then continue about their business without gaining any insight into just what it is that they've actually witnessed. It's in these moments that you can only think that you've either encountered an absolutely brilliant marketing team, an incredibly creative individual, or just a plain idiot! Genius and madness do tend to go hand in hand, and yet, for some reason, I can't possibly think up explanations for the things I'm about to show you. Maybe you can, though, so let me know in the comments if you have any good theories!

1. Even God's getting in on the clickbait game!


3. Catchin' the Holy Sizzle!

4. Like asparagus pee, only worse!

5. Okay...I'll pass along the compliment...

6. Time to get a new mechanic, bruh!

7. Hey! Get your ass back to the lagoon, now!

8. Talk about a DUMPY ride, amirite?

9. Hey man, it's 2016!

10. So nice that they put it in both languages! Kind of like Canada with the French!

11. Who's taking who to the vet now, human?

12. Who doesn't like a good barbecue?

13. Yung Thug, amirite?

14. Congratulations! Except, oh, wait a sec...

15. I'm not even mad. That honestly sounds like just as much fun and half the effort!

16. Life can be ruff when you've got a face full of scruff.

17. Nothing like a little zebra print to confuse the eyes.

18. Two heads are always better than one, I say!

19. Houdini takes the bus too.

20. Remember when I said two heads are always better than one? Point still stands.

21. That feeling when class is so boring you shrink your head for fun.

22. No wonder he graduated, he's got the hands of an 18-year-old.

23. My brain hurts now.


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