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24 Hilarious People On Their Last Day Of Work

Whether you've been on the job for the past couple years or just a couple months, your last day is always a bittersweet moment. 

On one hand, you're leaving a great bunch of people you've bonded with over the years, but on the other, you're leaving all those jerks you never wanna see again. 

Regardless, it's a great time to celebrate your new path in life, and there's usually some sort of cake involved with a vulgar message on it to send you off.

But forget the cakes, these people either had their own unique way of saying goodbye, or their coworkers pitched in to mess with them one last time.

1. One last chance to win the office prank wars.

Trolling with Nick Cage is a classic option that always satisfies. I wanna know where they got this printed, though... I need one!

2. If you've ever worked at a restaurant, this should be familiar.

Shaving cream and whipped cream will do, though an actual pie would be best.

3. Keeping it real on your last day.

What are they going to do? Fire you? 

4. Really cute way to say goodbye to all the co-workers you liked.

She opened a group chat with all her co-workers and sent them this. Not too flashy, but oh so classy.

Not gonna lie, this is me on any given day.

Specifically Mondays, but not limited to them. I'm just workin' for the weekend, baby.

5. Going postal on your last day with a Nerf gun.

I wantto say his coworkers won't know what hit them, but it'll be stuck to their face. Bonus: Complaints to Human Resources won't even matter today!

6. I know I said no cakes, but this one isn't for your last day.

Fortunate enough to have someone else's birthday at the office on your last day? Take that, Theresa!

7. Treat yo self, baby. It's your last day, so wear what you want.

Hinting to your officemates about what you really wanted to do when you grew up.

8. As I was saying, clothing options definitely widen on your last day.

I'd go the inflatable T-Rex route or a sweet romper that accentuates my hips.

Listen, this is working GOALS.

Why would you limit your good days to your last days?! When you believe in yourself (and stop caring justa little), you can do anything you put your mind to! Like wearing a greenscreen while delivering the weather forecast...

9. Think your now former coworkers are bitter you found a better job?

'Cuz they aren't, they just think about you enough to say goodbye with a prank. Actually kinda sweet.

10. Now theseguys are bitter.

Post-Its are pretty innocent. Plastic wrap is pure evil. How are you even supposed to escape from this?

11. Getting the office crew together for your last supper as a team.

If only the tables were angled better with the windows in the background, this would've been mint.

12. That's one way of leaving the job.

I'd 100% eat those. Hope they're jelly-filled. Although this is someone's resignation, so you gotta be careful. Could be a trap.

This is my mantra.

It's clearly not my last day, since I'm looking at these playful pranks wistfully and wishing I could pull something like that and get away with it, but hey. There's something to be said for keeping the lights on, right? Right???

13. Setting up a memorial on your own behalf.

I'd be pretty happy if this guy left my job. This is some obnoxious stuff. The candles are a nice touch though, I must admit.

14. See, you can be cheeky without being a complete troll on your last day.

That previous dude would've used permanent marker. Although would this really be the worst thing to have on the walls?

15. As a former grocery store employee, this is gold.

I'd say good job, but my need for order asks why the Cocoa Krispies are still upright.

16. Coworker Photoshopped himself into an underwear display on his last day.

This is some next-level trolling, I hope it's still up there.

That nine-to-six grind, though...

The longer I watch this, the more depressing it is. How do I do that thing where you leave the country and travel and magically never run out of money?

17. This T.A. made the most of his last day.

He wasn't there for the quiz, so he checked to see if his students had actually made it to class through the semester.

18. Dang, I wish I had thought of this when I left my last job.

I was a freaking rock star. I should 100% be permanent employee of the month!

19. This princess knew how to address the emotional needs of her distraught coworkers.

Sigh. They're going to be so lonely and sad without her around. At least they have cake and a pleasant memory...

20. Not work, but this high school senior went out with a bang! putt-putt-putt.

Get it?! Tractor noises? I have to admit I don't know what they sound like, other than just really loud engines.

How are their heads so still? Why is the desk wobbling?

I have so many questions but no one to ask.

21. "A kid in my school thought it would be funny to put a bathroom stall door on our calc teacher's desk in protest of pop quizzes. This was his response on our last day of school, the answers being the combo"

This is one of the best pranks I have ever seen. 

22. This is the greatest goodbye cake of all time. 

So passive-aggressive.

23. They helped him pack up his office.

Great job, everyone. Excellent helping. This is like when my cat helps me make the bed: it's entertaining, but also a GIANT pain in the butt.

24. If I quit, will my coworkers make one of these for me?!

Like, seriously, this is cubicle decor goals.

This is the dance of someone who is getting OUT of there!

Yaaassss FREEDOM!

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