Saturday, July 16, 2016

24 Masterpieces Of Redneck Ingenuity

This is why everybody remembers MacGyver. The guy could take ordinary objects and make anything he needed on the spot, usually while being chased by a team of terrorists or smugglers or kidnappers. And although he's been off the air for decades, his legacy lives onwith rednecks.

Check out their creativity! They've come up with ingenious designs to solve everyday problems, without any kind of fancy budget or oversight from a workplace safety committee. And look how well they work!

1. Actually a pretty sweet pontoon boat. 

2. Rotisserie cooking at its finest.

3. A door is a door....

4. Gitten 'er done!

5. The Redneck Iron Chef?

6. Who needs ADT?

7. Roasting hot dogs one at a time is for chumps.

8. Works for dessert too.

9. A genuine five-speed riding mower.

10. A limo built for redneck prom.

11. It might catch dreams, but I don't want to know what it does with them.

12. Everybody loves a swim-up bar!

13. A mobile home needs a mobile deck!

14. And why not a mobile fire pit too?

15. On that rare occasion that a redneck gets a bottle of wine, chances are he'll have to make his own corkscrew. 

16. Probably even less fun than it looks.

17. You almost have to admire them for getting the car up there in the first place. Almost.

18. He might be up the creek, but he wouldn't be caught without a paddle.

19. That crane operator has some skills!

But don't try this at home. Please, for the love of all that is good and right in the world, do not try this at home.

20. Quite possibly the best use of a Geo Metro ever.

21. He should really approach Folgers about some advertising revenue.

22. Wouldn't be a houseboat without satellite TV.

23. Portable toilet, now with a pool noodle for your comfort.

24. That hood isn't going anywhere.

Main image via reddit / mangletron

Collage images via 1. reddit / mangletron 2. imgur / Shmedricko 3. imgur / eatswithmonkeys


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