Thursday, July 21, 2016

24 Redneck Fixes That Speak For Themselves

In today's society, when something's broken, we tend to head to the store to replace it. All it probably needs is a little TLC, but we're so lazy we'd rather spend a few dollars for something brand new than come up with a workaround. That's not true of these "redneck engineers," though. They see something that needs to be fixed and they git-r-done regardless of how it looks. It might not be pretty, but it works.

Check out these 24 redneck fixes that speak for themselves:

1. Delivery truck? We'll do it ourselves

2. Hey, it's still a perfectly good wine glass

3. The ultimate doorstop

4. Because a light's a light

5. Much prettier, no?

6. For those days when you forget your fork

7. Close enough

8. New and improved

9. Why throw out a couch that's 2/3 good?

10. Who needs a zoom lens?

11. At least his cord has a use now

12. Whatever you do, don't take this pencil

13. Spoon's a spoon

14. Also helps weed out the friends who are idiots

15. Better than a body shop

16. When engineers enter the kitchen

17. It says it right there: ceiling fan

18. Who needs a fancy hood ornament?

19. Objects in mirror might be more beautiful than they appear

20. It does the job

21. If it swings, it's a swing

22. Too far?

23. Hey, this is actually pretty genius

24. Like brand new

Collage via 1. reddit / asdfasdfvful 2. reddit / kgs10 3. reddit / ohsureyoudo


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