Friday, July 15, 2016

28 Savage Boyfriends Who Should Be Single

This list is definitely not for those who believe in soul mates and "the one." If you truly believe that there is a special someone out there for everyone and would like to keep it that way, then you have come to the wrong place. This list of savage boyfriends will leave you conflicted.

1. What can I say? I gotta hand it to the guy. The resemblance is uncanny.

Pinhead Larry and Tessa are both very fashionable though. Check out their cute chokers that are so in right now!

2. The only thing I can think of when I see this is "a man's got to eat."

This boyfriend is shamelessly savage. You have to give it up for this guy!

3. Guys, I honestly can't believe how accurate this is, though.

Nothing bothers me more than someone just texting "K." You didn't have enough time to write "okay" or "OK"? Jeez. Just try a bit.

4. I AM SCREAMING. This is so unbelievably savage. I can't even handle this right now.

You need to apply some water on that burn ASAP. I MEAN, LIKE, RIGHT NOW. It's gonna blister.

5. Grown-ups are supposed to be mature and wise. They would NEVER stoop so low to be petty. 

So...this is a grown man. A GROWN MAN. And he's doing this at Olive Garden of all places.

6. And people out there have the audacity to say that romance is dead.

SMH, come on now. This is true love. It's like they've found each other because of fate.

7. mind is all messed up because of this logic. How did someone's brain manage to come up with that?

I mean, fair enough. Props to him for coming up with that analogy.

8. Pure evil is in the form of this man playing this very cruel prank on his girlfriend.

Poor girl! I mean, he really set her up with that wording. Everybody knows that "I want to talk to you" is the beginning of a breakup!

9. You always have to give props to the people who can turn any conversation into "Lose Yourself" lyrics. 

Best. Song. Ever. Seriously, where is Eminem these days? We need more than just "Lose Yourself" to quote to our SOs.

10. Awwwww! Nothing says true love like a beautifully written note attached to a meaningful gift from the heart.

I love the passive aggressive emojis she used in the tweet. Please, girl. Make your feelings known on the subject.

11. Oh no. This BF just reached a whole new level of savage.

This text would be so hurtful to get. Can you imagine seeing this after you poured your heart out with those heart-eyes emojis? Just to get THAT text back?

12. Listen, you just have to set your priorities straight, you know?

I mean, change the cat to a dog and that's basically me. Doesn't everybody else date someone for their dog? No? Just me? Okay then...

13. Cute puppy? Check. Selfie poses on point? Check. Crazy BF who doesn't know better? Check.

Seriously, what's up with BFs and always ruining nice photos? Can't you just straight up smile for a photo? 

14. Petty, petty, petty. I can't help but notice that all I see is petty for days.

Honestly though, that fort looks like all kinds of EPIC. I want that password now, please!

15. #RelationshipGoals, am I right?

You go out there and find yourself someone who will appreciate that squid photo. Well, find someone who will look at that and go, "Hey! You up for some sushi?" I'M ALWAYS IN THE MOOD FOR SUSHI.

16. My whole body is shook because of how savage this is.

OMG, no wonder she couldn't speak for the rest of the night! Isn't anyone else shook by this savagery? No? Just me? Okay then.

17. Well, that's definitely one way to get around the "whatever" argument.

This argument is a tale as old as time. She says "whatever" and you're forced to figure out what "whatever" means. Does it really mean whatever? Or does it mean "shout out some options that I might like and we'll go from there"?

18. The look on her face is priceless. It really says it all. A picture is worth a thousand words, after all.

Is she having the best Christmas or the best birthday ever? I guess we'll never know!

19. When your savage boyfriend sends flours to apologize.

Can you imagine getting all excited for flour? FLOUR? Oh, he thinks he's so funny, but I guess we'll never find out what really went down that night. Crying? Arguing? A bit of both?

20. What a considerate boyfriend. I hope she never lets him go (Jack from Titanicstyle).

I love the stark black and white color scheme of this card. Nothing screams love and happiness like those two colors!

21. Who knew that "those sound delicious" could be so infuriating?

It only takes one carefully crafted sentence to set someone off. And I appreciate the "I hate you" because that's really the best response in this case.

22. When your wonderful and sweet boyfriend leaves you the cutest notes ever. 

I mean, he did take time out of his day to write a note... brownie points, I guess?

23. You can't fault him because he's technically not wrong. 

Although, what's up with guys who can't take the time to just replace the empty toilet paper roll? It ain't hard, guys!

24. She HAS to win an award for the most savage tweet ever. 

Don't you just love how passive-aggressive the tweet is? She roasted the two of them before they even saw it coming. But maybe they were too busy...

25. Well, if you were starting to feel like someone's chauffeur, you'd say the same thing.

Also, I don't think the truck says Uber or Lyft either. That's actually so weird.

26. He's just very opposed to taking tests and I don't blame him. Didn't we leave behind dumb tests in high school?

Also, 1 to 7? That's so random! What about 1 to 5 or 1 to 10? 

27. There's a special place for those who are unbelievably ruthless.

And you know, you just know that he gave this to her on a special occasion like an anniversary, a holiday or her birthday. YOU JUST KNOW IT.

28. You know, not all heroes wear capes. You just have to respect those who are busy saving the universe in their spare time.

I love how it escalates to using all caps and an exclamation point. That's when you know it's serious!


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