Tuesday, July 12, 2016

35 Pretty Funny Pictures Of Kinda Stupid People

No one is smart 100% of the time. In fact, probably about 97% of the time, my brain is barely functioning...which I am sure you can probably tell by reading this introduction. 

After that preface, I think it's fair to say that the next people are just as dur-dur-dur-derp as der-derdurrrrr.


1. That's why you should always measure

2. Addition is hard, okay?!

3. Soap isn't a difficult concept to grasp, guys

4. It's going to be a long year

Honestly, I might have made the same mistake as the next person...

5. To be fair, who makes brown soap?

6. Someone needs to look up the definition of "curves"

7. Open yo eyes!

8. "Embarrassing" is an understatement 

God knows what the next person was thinking...

9. This can only end one way...

10. Disaster!

11. There had to have been another way

12. Cow, chicken, same difference

Safe to say the next person goofed up...

13. Close but not quite...

14. This one got me

15. This one's a classic

16. Saw that coming a mile away

I don't know how you manage to mess up the next thing...

17. This is the equivalent of mistaking Harry Potter for Dobby

18. He treats me right

19. A film about respiratory challenges in the roaring '20s

20. Hey man, I think there's a better way to use that.

The next person has a real mess on their hands...

21. I guess you're wearing wrinkled pants today

22. You should see him throw that fastball under water

23. I feel like this student should be failed for whatever they're taking.

24. This is an awfully good way to get your bike stolen. 

You could probably say the next person didn't have the power to use their brain.

25. I mean, are they even trying? 

26. How does something like this happen? She didn't notice she was sinking after the first step?

27. I would be surprised if this kind of thing wasn't commonplace at Starbucks. 

28. To be honest, I'd probably have eaten the whole thing without realizing 

Some people just make explosive mistakes, like the next person.

29. I don't really have to say anything because this guy's reaction does all the talking.

30. Gas Booster? If it can energize my car, it can energize my body... Right?

31. Could've definitely just got a pepperoni pizza and a just cheese, but why not mix it up, right? *facepalm*

32. Good job, Mark. Should've known Instagram was a free download.

The next thing that happened is a classic case of "forgetting to think."

33. You can't believe everything you read on Facebook. 

34. I'm guessing those are going to be stained for a while

35. Ariane Grande is the only font you should ever use for essays. 


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