Tuesday, July 19, 2016

36 People So Savage They're Downright Feral

In our normal lives, we usually interact with the same civilized, level-headed people day after day. Which is comforting but, to be honest, it can become a little boring after a while. That's why we all need a few savage friends in our lives. If you don't have any friends like that, go ahead and check out these people who have absolutely zero chill.

1. This started out so sweet and innocent. At first, it seems like it might be a thank you note or letter of appreciation. But when the black light turns on, it's a whole different story.

2. Fact: grandmas with access to Facebook are the most savage people alive. They always find a way to give a backhanded compliment, like how Sharon subtlety roasted Abbey's dress choice.

3. Ask and you shall receive! If your parents always tell you that they don't want anything for Christmas, here's the perfect gift opportunity. That is, if you're savage enough to do it.

4. It appears this savage old man wasn't enjoying his time at wine and paint night. Can I please adopt him as my grandfather? I love the artistic touch of adding the flower at the top.

5. As someone who spends a lot of time searching for outlets in airport lounges, I must say, this is one of the most savage pranks I've ever seen. I would be so upset if I fell for this.

6. This college professor has had enough of his students requesting to turn in late assignments, so he made it very clear where to submit them. Straight into the garbage can.

7. He got stuck and thankfully all of his friends came to his rescue... Wait, nevermind. These savages just gathered around and clowned on him. How'd he even get stuck there in the first place?!

8. This is the level of petty that I aspire to be. He's probably the type of guy who would be playing basketball with kids, and if he doesn't get picked, he threatens to take his ball back home.

9. It brings me so much joy when hypocritical people are exposed online. And this girl wasn't just exposed once, she was exposed twice with the screenshot of her DM basically admitting her guilt.

10. I love when businesses use savage marketing techniques. I'm pretty frugal, so I do love a great deal, but I might choose to get a haircut from Supercuts just because of this joke.

11. Green Giant's customer service representative was so kind and professional in her response to this complaint. But savage Jo Ann was not impressed! She just wants some clean celery to eat.

12. What kind of savage even thinks of doing something like this? You have to be really mad at someone to stoop to messing with their toothbrush. I admire the creativity though.

13. This savage parking attendant has zero mercy. I think I've had nightmares about this exact scenario. I can't imagine a worse day than being late for a test that you eventually fail, and coming back to a parking ticket.

14. Most people in this situation would just delete the photos and pretend that they never existed. Not this savage though. She used them as a platform to show how terrible of a person her ex is.

15. Remember earlier in this article when I mentioned that grandmas are some of the most savage people in the world? Well here's even further proof. Call your grandmas before they roast you!

16. This savage is going through great lengths to lie to his girlfriend, and luckily he's got some savage friends to help him out. That photo looks pretty convincing. I wonder if she bought it.

17. Twitter is a haven for savages, and this one saw his shot and he took it. I know it's still early, but this might win the single best response of 2017. I don't see it being topped.

18. This guy got in an argument with his girlfriend, and the next day she packed his lunch for work. Just a reminder to never bite the hand that feeds you. Otherwise you'll end up eating raw potatoes. 

19. Much like grandmas, dads are always very high on the savage scale. This one added insult to injury by slipping this under his daughter's door. I bet she'll behave a little better in the future. A+ parenting skills.

20. The perks of dating tall guys, I guess? Now it looks like she has a thing for headless men. Oh well, at least she still gets to keep her photos and is slaying in both of them!

21. Hey — are there really any boundaries when it comes to trolling your partner's ex? 

If the stab is laid out there for the taking, you'd best seize the opportunity, right?

22. What a good (wee) sport for posing for the picture.

Fast forward to eleventh grade when that kid is huge and comes a-knockin'. Careful who you pick on, my friends.

23. If we've learned anything from Kendall Jenner, it is how to make peace with virtually any crisis one could encounter.

Plot twist: Hurricane Irma prefers Coke and can totally taste the difference.

24. Well, if this isn't the cattestthing in the world, I don't know what is!

If I fits, I sits. If I don't fits, I still sits: the first law of cats.

25. Why waste the space?

When my brother and I had left home, it took my mom .0000000001 seconds to replace framed photos of us with different shots of her cat. 

26. Why did this come down to threats?

No need for punishment! Just take a pic of your damn mama. She just bought this hat and she wants to show it off.

27. This guy is the ultimate savage, the ultimate entrepreneur, and the ultimate thespian.

Get this man a guest spot on Inside the Actors Studio pronto. We have so much to learn.

28. To be fair, he's a tough critic.

29. Thanks for the apology...

30. Not just any divorced mom, though. A hot one...


32. It all paid off.

33. Way to throw that shade, Mom

34. Listen up, bullies, some things never change

35. Oops! What a fortunate accident...

36. If this ain't the truth.


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