Tuesday, July 19, 2016

36 Times 'Pics Or It Didn't Happen' Actually Happened

How many times have you witnessed something remarkable, disturbing or WTF only to have your tale met by the phrase "pics or it didn't happen"?  No matter how detailed your retelling, people tend to believe only what they can see with their own two eyes. Well, luckily for all you skeptics, the next 36 people managed to capture their strange experiences on camera, enjoy!

1. Maybe Santa does exist 

2. The TSA sees some weird stuff

Thank god they post all the gems on their Instagram

3. Dammnnn Grandpa 

The next picture proves that weird things can happen anywhere, even in the grocery store...

4. This extremely expensive square watermelon from Japan 

5. This Goldilocks who took the animal selfie to a whole new level 

Bear selfies are dangerous, but there are other ways to lose your limbs...

6. That must have been an aggressive Harlem Shake 

As for the next picture, that's definitely NOT how they do it on the discovery channel...

7. This dog doing people things

Barry the biking Bedlington Terrier 

8. Even more impressive

9. Imagine that touching your foot while you're swimming

Now here's where things really get weird is on public transit...

10. Public transit is just full of animals...

11. This is why some senior citizens shouldn't be allowed to drive

12. This guy knew exactly what card to play 

The next person looks like they're probably going to need that card...

13. She's clearly waiting for someone special 

14. Who knew that blinds melted?!

15. Looks like someone gave Tony Montana a ride 

The next ride just as interesting...

16. Aww mini me

17. Gotta snap that picture for the insurance company 

But knowing insurance, they probably still won't believe you 

18. One day when you tell your kids about this, they're going to want proof

It's funny what you can see while out walking in the neighborhood...

19. Apparently birds enjoy walks too 

20. "You'll never believe how my Tinder date greeted me when I knocked on their door"

21. Looks like there's a new Heisenberg in town

Anyone who's ever been frustrated with their computer (so everyone) can relate to the next picture

22. Someone must have been really sick of their Windows operating system

23. When most people say they're bad at cooking I assume they're exaggerating unless I saw this...

If you're wondering, those are sheep testicles with intestines and black olives

24. Have you ever felt like your bff is evil, you just don't have the proof?

Jk, it's her eye shadow. But still...

25. Chivalry may be dead, but patriotism isn't. 

26. "No for real you guys, I was in the library and there was this guy cooking rice in a rice cooker!" Thank goodness for Snapchat.

He's probably never heard of Minute Rice.

27. Minimal effort required for this one. 

28. I wish I had this problem. 

29. This is why living with your parents sucks...

30. ...I'd set up camp if I were you. 

31. If you thought you were awkward...

32. These requests are getting out of hand.

33. A hat made of hair is a trend that I hope never catches on.

34. This is the type of person who makes me never want to work in the customer service industry. 

35. Someone is dealing with a complex.  

36. So jealous! 

Selena Quintanilla is everything!


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