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8 Legendary Wrestlers Before And After Their Careers

Wrestling has never really been known as an easy career choice. Between high-flying tricks, incredible performances and the physical demands to keep in shape, there's a lot of strain put on every wrestling star. Well some of the biggest names in the industry spent decades under that strain, and it ends up with some of them looking significantly older than they actually are. Here are some of the biggest stars of yesteryear before and after their run in the ring.

1. THEN – Ric Flair, the Nature Boy, knew how to be stylin' and profilin'. He began his prestigious wrestling career in 1972 and chopped up the competition for decades.


NOW – After 40 years with the company, Flair finally retired from the ring in 2012. He's definitely seen better days, but at 67 years old, he still finds ways to contribute to the industry, including promoting his daughter, Charlotte.

The Nature Boy went too hard on the nature.

2. THEN – Lex Luger was one of the most impressive physical specimens in the earlier days of the WWE with muscles for days like he was carved from marble.

Shiny, oily marble.

NOW – Years of substance abuse and injuries following his 1995 retirement culminated in a spinal injury leaving him a quadriplegic for a few months, Luger looks significantly older than 58.

In that time though he has done much to turn his life around with positive changes.

3. THEN – Bret "The Hitman" Hart, the master of The Sharpshooter, the excellence of execution, the legend from Calgary, Alberta. From a whole family of famous wrestlers, Bret truly stood out as one of the best.

And he really rocked the pink.

NOW – In the years since his retirement, The Hitman hit his head in 2002 and was temporarily paralyzed on his left side, but recovered only to be diagnosed with prostate cancer earlier this year. Recent news says he is winning his toughest battle yet and his doctors are optimistic.

Can't stop the excellence.

4. THEN – The Fijian legend Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka was known for his high flying acrobatics in the ring, being one of the trailblazers of the style, he truly changed the game.

Plus the guy could rock tiger print like no other.

NOW – Jimmy Snuka made the news recently with the conclusion of his trial for the 1983 murder of his girlfriend, and was found to be mentally unfit for sentencing.

The years have not been kind to Superfly.

5. THEN – Jake "The Snake" Roberts was, unsurprisingly, best known for his gimmick of using snakes in the ring... as well as his marvelous mustache.

I'm not entirely sure that a snake is a legal tag-team partner, but I'll allow it because it's awesome!

NOW – After years of struggles and addiction, Jake "The Snake" was in very rough shape. However, with the help of fellow wrestler "Diamond" Dallas Page, he has turned his whole life around with DDP Yoga among other things.

Jake's comeback has shown him to be as fierce as his snakes.

6. THEN – Razor Ramon, also known by his real name Scott Hall, was quite the presence in the wrestling industry, winning major titles from the (then) WWF, WCW, and many other leagues.

The guy had style in spades.

NOW – After years of substance abuse and health issues, Hall also killed a man in self-defense at one point and has apparently suffered from PTSD since, only worsening his other problems. Thankfully, like Jake Roberts, he's now teamed up with Diamond Dallas Page to turn it around for the better.

It's really impressive to see how much he's improved his life.

7. THEN – A legend of Extreme Championship Wrestling, Jim Fullington, better known as The Sandman truly gave it all for his fans, going through some of the most extreme stunts in the industry all while chugging beers and crushing cans on his head.

The guy was a glutton for punishment.

NOW – While he looks a little rough around the edges, The Sandman still makes appearances from time to time alongside his son Tyler.

I'm impressed given the punishment he puts himself through.

8. THEN – Big Van Vader was quite the villain in his time in the ring, but was also known for being quite agile and acrobatic for a man of his impressive size.

Seriously, the guy could do dropkicks and a move called the Vadersault.

NOW – After retiring, fans were quite concerned when Vader gained what seemed like over 100 pounds on what was already a large frame to begin with. Thankfully, he was also concerned enough to turn his life around and is now a fanatical gym-goer and makes motivational posts constantly on Twitter.

He's now under the weight he was at while he was wrestling back in the day apparently!

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