Tuesday, July 5, 2016

A Group Of Dolphins Crash This Woman's Wakeboarding Session

When you go on vacation somewhere beautiful, you expect to have some picture-worthy moments. You can expect to get some shots of a few historical landmarks, maybe a nice beach or two, and of course, tons of selfies with the people that came with you. Sometimes, though, a moment so incredible happens that has the potential to make you famous on YouTube. I have to admit, this has never happened to me, but one man captured the most amazing video of his friend wakeboarding in the Sea of Cortez that has over 17 million views and counting on YouTube.

The video, uploaded by Wyatt Miller, starts off with an activity that many people take part in when they are vacationing near a beach, wakeboarding! A woman is simply wakeboarding on the nice calm waters when something beautiful happens, dolphins start swimming in the distance. While this sounds amazing, this isn't the craziest part of the video.

At about the 35-second mark, the woman begins to notice something swimming closely behind her. What happens next takes her and everyone in the boat by surprise. Dozens of dolphins begin swimming around her as if she is one of them! This lasts for almost an entire minute and the whole time they can't believe that it's actually happening to them. 

Not surprisingly, the man in the video freaks out and is totally correct when he predicts that the footage will get famous on YouTube. Good call, sir! Let's just say that I'm going wakeboarding the next time I go to Mexico. Incredible.

Go ahead, watch the video above for yourself! My description doesn't do it justice.

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