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A List Of Literally Every Single Fan Theory About 'Stranger Things' That Might Be True

By now, you've had enough time to digest the most recent season of Stranger Thingsand are ready to talk fan theories. 

There was a lotof new strangeness unpacked this season and even more to speculate about, so we've made your life that much easier by compiling the best theories the internet has to offer. 

Buckle up — it gets wild. 

Warning: Spoilers Ahead! 

1. Dustin and Hopper are both going to be spies for the Mind Flayer.  

In the second season of Stranger Things, the new "big bad," the Mind Flayer, turns Will into a spy.

From what happened to Will, we know that coming into direct contact with this new monster can have brutal consequences... 

Here's why it could be true: 

While exploring the tunnels beneath Hawkins in the Upside Down, both Dustin and Hopper get sprayed by a weird dust, and we are willing to bet it's going to affect them. 

I don't know about you, but I will personally fight The Duffer Brothers if something happens to Dustin. 

2. Future seasons will jump forward in time to the '90s. 

You might need to get ready to say goodbye to all that '80s nostalgia. 

In fact, The Duffer Brothers have already confirmed that the next season of Stranger Thingswill start sometime in the future — we just don't know how far. 

Here's why it could be true: 

Some fans think that future seasons could end up jumping all the way to the '90s so the show can accommodate for how quickly the young cast is growing up. 

Personally, I'd be down to watch Jonathan get into the '90s grunge scene. You know he would. 

3. The Upside Down is actually the future. 

The biggest question I have about Stranger Thingsis, "What exactly is the Upside Down?"

Aside from its toxic atmosphere and that gross layer of black rot, it looks exactly like reality. So what gives? We need answers, Duffer Brothers! 

Here's why it could be true: 

While most fans believe that the Upside Down is a parallel universe, some think it could be a window into the future. 

This theory suggests that the Upside Down is what the world will look like if the monsters aren't defeated. 

4. Itand Stranger Thingsare happening in the same universe. 

How cool would this be if it was true? 

While it's likely just a coincidence (Stranger Thingsis full of pop culture references) fans were quick to notice the connection between one character on Stranger Thingsand Stephen King's It. 

Here's why it could be true: 

This theory has to do with Bob and that story he told Will about the creepy clown in his dreams. 

Bob also mentions that he is from Maine, which is where Ittakes place, and based on his age, he would have been a kid when the monster attacked the town in the '50s. 

5. Hopper's daughter is still alive. 

Listen, I know we saw Hopper's memory of his daughter's death this season, but this is Stranger Thingsand anything can happen. 

In fact, fans just aren't buying that there isn't more to Sarah's sudden illness, and it makes a lot of sense... 

Here's why it could be true: 

We know that Hawkins Lab is super shady, so it is totally possible that Hopper's daughter was part of one of their experiments. I mean, they've already faked one death. 

One fan even pointed out how similar her first episode at the park is to Will's slips into the Upside Down. 

6. The connection between Eleven and the Demogorgon is deeper than you think. 

At this point, we pretty much get that Eleven is the key to defeating whatever monster pops up from the Upside Down, but we don't really know why. 

I mean, it's not like Kali had some special connection to the Upside Down. 

Here's why it could be true: 

This theory suggests that when Eleven said, "I'm the monster," she really meant it. I mean, she's never really been one for metaphors. 

Fans think that the Demogorgon is the manifestation of Eleven's dark side. Remember that one of the first times we see it isn't in the Upside Down, it's in that blank space...in Eleven's mind. 

7. Steve will join the Hawkins Police Department.

I mean, they could seriously use the staff. 

Steve was the real MVP of Season Two of Stranger Things, so we have got to assume he'll play a big role in the next season. But he's also graduating, so what keeps him in town?

Here's why it could be true: 

Some fans think that Steve could have a promising career in law enforcement. He definitely proved he's got the stomach for it after he faced the Demogorgon and the Demodogs. 

I'm here for it as long, as he gets to keep his nail-studded baseball bat.

8. And finally, Jean-Ralphio from Parks and Recreation is Steve Harrington's son.

This in-depth fan theory about Jean-Ralphio and Steve Harrington is what the internet was invented for. 

I mean, just look how perfectly this Jean-Ralphio quote fits on this scene from Stranger Things.It's uncanny! 

Here's why it could be true: 

This isn't a theory. This is 100% true.

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