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After A Botched Vasectomy, Family Man Is Left With A Horrible Problem

Roughly one in six men choose to have a vasectomy at some point in their life. The procedure is quite common as it allows men to have sex without the potential to impregnate their partner. 30-year-old Daniel Neal from Clifton, Nottingham had the procedure done in 2012 but life have been hell ever since. 

You have to hear about Neal's agonizing story...

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Daniel and Sara Neal's marriage started out like many others: with joy and excitement for the future. 

It wasn't long until the couple had their first child Ashley, who is now 11 years old. Since then, the couple have had several more children (Bethany, 10, Caitlyn, 7, Evie, 3, and Jack, 4). After having all the children they hoped to have, the couple decided that Daniel should receive a vasectomy to prevent any further pregnancies.

In January 2012 Daniel traveled to Nottingham to have a procedure that would affect him for the rest life.

In case you are unaware, a vasectomy involves clipping or blocking the vas deferens in order to prevent sperm travel. 

Unfortunately, Daniel would experience a problem with his procedure that is surprisingly common, but is very rarely discussed...

Daniel told The Sun that he could feel every aspect of the procedure after 12 anesthetic injections failed to numb the pain.

This wasn't the end of his ordeal...

After his procedure, he began experiencing excruciating pain in his groin that spread to into his abdomen. 

For the past three years, Daniel, now 30, has had to take morphine pills to cope. 

The effects of the vasectomy have also horribly affected his love life. The pain has completely eliminated it.

When Daniel's wife Sara was asked about this issue, she said, "We’re young so it’s not ideal. We should have a sex life but what can you do? It’s not his fault.” Through it all, Sara has stuck by her husband's side, something he is very grateful for. 

Daniel has simply had enough. He will do whatever it takes to make his life normal again.  

"I have had sex once since the vasectomy and it was so painful I had to be taken to hospital afterwards," explained Daniel. "They can take my testicles for all I care. I just want the pain to be over," he added. Daniel's horrible situation progressed to the point where he attempted suicide in 2015. "That’s how bad it had got," he said. 

You might be surprised to know that the condition Daniel is suffering from can affect as many as 1/3 of all men who receive a vasectomy...

Doctors believe Daniel is suffering from post-vasectomy pain syndrome, a condition that is thought to affect between 14%-33% of all men who receive vasectomies. 

Doctors have a few theories as to why persistent pain can follow a vasectomy. 

An abnormal build up of scar tissue is one possible cause of the pain. Another possibility is that sperm can 'leak' into a testicle, leading it to treat sperm as a foreign invader. 

An expert told The Sun that it is possible that an infection can set in immediately after the procedure, but that long-term pain should not occur. 

Regardless, patients should be fully briefed on the possible outcome of such an invasive and consequential surgery. 

Here is Daniel holding letters about potential treatment options. They recognize that his condition is debilitating but they have explained to him that the treatment options are rather limited, including injecting anti-inflammatory medication or reversing the procedure.

I think it's safe to say that we all hope Daniel gets the treatment he deserves!
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