Friday, July 8, 2016

Allow People To Be There For You

Every once in a while the world brings you a friend — someone who understands you even when you don't know what to say, someone who offers their love without expecting anything in return, someone who hears you. 

It isn't hard to be around them. They make you feel calm, peaceful, centered. And in these moments, we feel certain that we are capable of doing the things that only exist deep in our hearts and wildest dreams. It's a relief to feel less alone and more whole, to imagine what that friend would say if they were there with you in moments of doubt or fear.

Sometimes we let these people slip away when we feel better. We make the mistake of thinking we don't need them anymore, or we aren't sure where they might fit in our life because it can feel too vulnerably intimate to be known so well. But, if you let them, these friends will inspire a lifetime of love and kindness — and you'll know that you've totally got this. 


Author: verified_user