Saturday, July 9, 2016

Bullied Girl Loses 130 lb And Now Bullies Want To Date Her

Emma Pope is a 23-year-old nursing student from Texas. She likes pizza, social media, and working out. She doesn't back down from a challenge, or from bullies. She's put a lot of work into bettering her self over the past six years — and it's certainly paid off. Check out Emma's amazing transformation below!

This is Emma Pope at 15.

She weighed over 300 lb then and referred to herself as "an emotional eater."

She was bullied for years.

At one point, during a volleyball game, taunts and jeers at Emma to get her "'fat ass off the court' and crazy stuff... got so bad they [the bullies] had to be escorted away by the police."

She's a nursing student now.

"I was bullied a lot at school but I never told my parents, I bottled it all up and never said anything about the hurtful comments kids made, they were pretty awful to me," she said.

Nursing is what made Emma turn her life around

She didn't want to be a hypocrite. She's said that, "after deciding to pursue a degree in the medical field I knew I had to lose weight."

Yes, it is extremely annoying when you're getting professional advice and it's coming from someone who clearly does not follow it themselves.

She would like to inspire future patients.

Emma asked herself, "how could I work in the medical field yet be so unhealthy?" This was extremely important to her.

Although she clearly hasn't been in or around a hospital much if she thinks all healthcare workers are the picture of perfection.

She started making changes in her life. 

At 17, Emma decided to cut her daily pizza habit. "Before I would eat half a whole cheese pizza whereas now I won't eat more than a slice and have it with vegetables to fill me up." By the end of the year, she'd already lost almost 40 lb! 

If I follow her plan and cut out all my pizza, I'd simply disappear in about five years!

She's since taken things a step further.

She began working out and planning her meals. Emma does 20-30 minutes of high-intensity training and weight lifting three to five times each week. "The biggest change that I made that had the greatest impact, was making sure I only eat when I am hungry," she has said.

She's completely transformed herself, and former bullies are taking notice. 

She's received numerous apologies, as well as some date offers. "I doubt they are apologizing out the kindness of their heart, there's definitely an ulterior motive so with any attempts to flirt with me I reject them immediately."

It's not just guys, though.

"I've had plenty of apology messages now, even one of the girls who used to call me fat got in touch wanting advice on how to lose weight," Emma has said.

Oh how the tables have turned.

She's feeling stronger than ever. 

"When you're a kid you don't pay attention to your diet, I played sports but then would always have pizza in the locker rooms after." she has said, and while she's always enjoyed sports, "Before I was athletic as I could have been at 315 lb, but now since losing weight I'm incredibly athletic and never dreamed I could be like this," which is amazing. She's trimmed and toned, "I am now 185 and stronger both physically and mentally than I would have ever imagined." 

And, as a nice bonus, she looks fantastic.

Inspired by successes online, Emma took one dream and turned it into a reality. She's no longer the bullied "fat girl." Now, the only risk she runs for being bullied is that she might be called a "nerd" for all the hard work she's doing in nursing school!

Congratulations, Emma!

And good luck with nursing school and fending off all those hot doctors!


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