Monday, July 4, 2016

Create Your Own Mess-Free Sidewalk Chalk!

When I was a kid, my favorite thing about the weather turning warmer was that I could finally play outside with my beloved sidewalk chalk. I drew until the streetlights turned on, whether I marked my territory with my name, got my hopscotch board perfect, or drew what I thought was a masterpiece. As much as it entertained me, I hated the feeling of having chalk on my hands, not to mention how scraped up my knuckles would get because I would be down to my last millimeter of chalk! Now I can finally play with chalk mess and pain free because the Diply DIY team has found a solution to my childhood problem in this video!

What You'll Need

  • Empty deodorant
  • 250 ml of Plaster
  • 130 ml of Water
  • Water color
In a bowl, mix your water color and water together. Then, grab a bigger bowl and add your plaster, water, and the water color mixture together. Mix all those ingredients up with a spoon. Get your deodorant stick and add the mixture into it. And there you have it! Your own chalk! This DIY project is super easy and fun to do! This is an awesome project to do with your kids to get them excited about playing outside! You can even get creative with this project by mixing the watercolors to create your own unique colors! 


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