Saturday, July 16, 2016

How To Make A Redneck Duct Tape Canoe That Actually Works

Do you ever feel more free and relaxed than when you're floating down a lazy river in the middle of the afternoon, listening to the sound of the water and the birds, and letting the day pass minute by relaxing minute? You don't even need a fancy fiberglass boat to do it! The secret weapon, once again, is duct tape, with instructions from Instructables user ineverfinishanyth.

1. You can make a canoe for less than $20! All you need for materials: three 55-yard rolls of duct tape – should barely cut into your supply, right? – eight cedar strips, and a bottle of wood glue.

And you won't need any more tools than a few clamps. 

2. The trickiest part will be building the frame. You'll need to bend two of the cedar strips, clamping and gluing them at either end with braces about a foot from each end. Then you're going to make the hull out of two angled pieces of cedar glued between two straight cedar strips. 

You should have a triangular shape once those are glued and taped to the bent strips. Next cut out your rib pieces and the vertical braces that attach the horizontal braces to the angled pieces of the hull. This design uses six ribs on each side of the canoe. To finish the frame, cut one piece of cedar into two long, thin strips and attach them to the front and back of the canoe, securing them halfway along. 

3. With the frame done, you're already on the home stretch. It's time to start covering the frame in duct tape. You'll need to apply two layers, the first one sticky-side up and the second sticky-side down, with each strip overlapping the next halfway. 

Take care with the corners. If you want, you can always apply more duct tape to make it stronger, but two layers will make a good start.

4. With all that duct tape on there, take it for a test ride. If there are no leaks, you're done!

And if there are, seal it up with more duct tape. 

h/t Instructables / ineverfinishanyth


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