Tuesday, July 26, 2016

I'm Very Efficient That Way

Nowadays, a lot of us are expected to move at a pretty fast pace. We get into rushes at work, we have to race to a lot of the places we're going, and we sometimes have to cram a lot of extra stuff into the breaks we do have. So to keep up, we're forced to come up with a few shortcuts.

Yet, when we get used to doing this, it's easy to let everything turn into a series of automatic responses. You know it's gotten to you when you find yourself saying, "Yeah, good thanks...wait, sorry, what did you say?" 

As much as it can be a good idea to stop and think about what we're doing, it's also true that some things don't really need that kind of attention. So let's see how our speedy ways pay off.

1. Whoever actually owns up to doing this has more courage than I do.

I mean, I guess you're kind of doomed if you're the only one who came over, but if it's a party, you can turn it into a really weird game of Clue.

2. Haha, so was that the only one in the bag or what?

I think they accidentally invented a whole new product here. Wouldn't you eat Cheeto links?

3. I think this calls for a training montage.

And then when they show up, you can just burst out of the door with your arms in the air. Be sure to scream "ADRIAN" for best results, especially if their name isn't Adrian.

4. Well, at least there's an easy way to put an end to it.

Anyone who's staring down the barrel of some screenshots right now would love it if that was all they had to do.

5. I guess you can tell which part has no sarcasm by how loud the swearing is. 

6. Yeah, you'll be fine as long as you end with "well, my accountant will hear about this!"

And then mumble a bunch of numbers and acronyms on the way out and no one will be the wiser.


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