Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Kirsten Dunst Finally Opens Up About Jake Gyllenhaal And Why They Split

Another day, another Hollywood couple. They're always getting together and breaking up to the point where it's hard to keep up! But there are always those couples who nobody ever forgets, even long after they've broken up! There's Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. But there's one couple that everybody was obsessed with: Kirsten Dunst and Jake Gyllenhaal. They were Hollywood's hottest couple and then all of a sudden, they broke up! Now, Kirsten is opening up about what went wrong in the relationship.

The year was 2002: Spider-Manjust came out, Kirsten Dunst became the new "It Girl" and Jake Gyllenhaal became Hollywood's latest heartthrob. 

And then the stars aligned and they started dating. 

From 2002-2004, Kirsten and Jake were the hottest couple in Hollywood!

But then they split up out of nowhere! And now Kirsten is opening up about what REALLY happened and what went wrong!

I know what you're thinking. But, no. Jake and Kirsten didn't break up because he hated the way she ate her salad. 

But let's focus in on the look on his face. His face just screams, "Why are you the way that you are?"

Did they break up because he hated that he had to feed her soup? That's not what Kirsten said, but that's what Jake's face says in this photo. 

"I am dead inside." 

Kirsten said in an interview that her and Jake were never going to last. She said they were wrong for each other from the beginning! 

Kirsten said they weren't compatible because he always wanted to stay at home and she wanted to go out for dates!

Wait, so Jake wanted to stay at home and watch movies? What? That sounds like the best date ever! Popcorn, alcohol and a Hollywood blockbuster? Into it. 

And you won't believe what Jake and Kirsten did to try and save their relationship!

Kirsten was VERY candid in her interview and said that her and Jake used to have sex in public! 

They had sex in cars, in public bathrooms and even by the sea! But she had to break up with him after when she realized it just was never going to work between them.

Kirsten's mom even talked about the relationship and said that Jake was a TERRIBLE person. She said she couldn't handle seeing her daughter with him anymore because he was a complete snob!

Hmmmmm... that's what Taylor Swift said about him too! That he's a total snob when it comes to music and movies! 

But then Kirsten said THIS about Jake...

She called him the love of her life! 

Awwwwwww. Could a reunion be coming up soon????

Kirsten even calls herself a weird girl who just needed a freak to match her. And that was Jake! She even outed him as a huge dork. 

So now that they've both grown up and have spent time apart... they could get back together! 

COMMENTand tell us if you think this Hollywood couple will ever get back together again! 


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