Sunday, July 17, 2016

Maryland Farm Creates A-MAZE-ing Corn Maze For First Reponders

Nothing says thank you quite like a customized corn maze in commemoration of a job well done.

That's why a farm in Frederick County, Maryland, created a special and incredibly intricate maze honoring the nation's first responders.

My old man is a firefighter and I asked him what the nicest thing anyone has ever done for him for being a firefighter. He said, "All the people that haven't had a fire I had to risk my life putting out. Those people are my favorite."

He might have been being a little cheeky when he said that.

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If you are ever taking a drive past 13001 Creagerstown Road in Thurmont, MD., you might be in for a surprise.

On September 24, Lawyer's Winterbrook Farm will open its corn maze for the season and all first responders and their immediate family will get into the farm for free.

As you can see from the picture below, Winterbrook Farm has an incredible bad-ass cartoon logo on their Facebook page.

Not JUST a maze farm.

I don't know what an anti-aircraft gun is doing on a farm next to what looks like a giant pumpkin launcher, but there it is! Winterbrooks Farm is so much more than a maze.

Yeah, turns out that anti-aircraft gun is a retrofitted pumpkin launcher. 'Merica!

I'm still not sure of the general theme of this farm, but they love launching things, first responders, and as you'll see on the next page, they love charity.

The next page is home to probably the coolest maze you've ever seen.

Last year's maze success.

In 2015, the farm's maze was dedicated to Larry Hogan, the former Maryland Governor who was publicly battling non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, a traditionally aggressive form of cancer. How cool is that and where do you even begin?

Over $13,000 was raised for the American Cancer Society.

From the farm's Facebook page:

"Here is the aerial shot of our 2015 Corn Mazes!

The design is 'Maryland Pride.'

It also features Governor Hogan and '#HoganStrong' as we are planning on donating this year's fundraising day proceeds to the American Cancer Society in honor of Governor Hogan, our father Jan, and those who are fighting and have fought cancer."

Here's a small sample of a much bigger maze.

While first responders are getting in for free this weekend, the rest of the year they can get in for $2 off admission. It's a little gesture, but imagine a little boy or girl finding out their mom or dad got into the coolest farm in America for free because their community appreciates the work they do so much? If this happened to me as a child, maybe my dad and I would still love one another.

The full maze is on the next page. 

How long does this maze usually take to get out of?

Better yet, what happens if you suddenly have to poop? I have no idea, but I desperately want to drive to Maryland and find out. That's a sentence I'll probably never say again in my life.

But if you're in the area, the maze opens on September 24. Tell them Diply sent you.

First-responder love is spreading across the nation.

Let's face it, things have gotten pretty heated between the police and the public the past couple of years. So the Free Hugs Project set out to bring some love to the Charlotte protests this past week. In between the riot police, the actual rioters, and media, there were hugs being given out to police and protesters alike. Props to the folks who went down and tried to spread some love amidst a sea of fear.

Go spread some good today.

Whether you're heading to the Winterbrook Farm to show your support for first responders, or see a police officer at the coffee shop, send some love their way. This nation could do quite well with some smiles and hugs right now.


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