Sunday, July 17, 2016

Pictures Of Our Planet To Inspire The Wanderlust Within

When was the last time you saw something that stilled you?

Has it really been that long?

This year, I wish for nothing more than more moments of that simple stillness. More moments when the world around you stops you and makes you acknowledge its wonder. That kind of everyday magic can happen literally anywhere, but it tends to happen most often when we travel — when we leave our comforts and explore new terrain. 

For those of us stuck in our desks for a while longer, here are some pics to get you inspired to get out there and find some magic moments of simple stillness. 

This is an aerial view of the Bahamas, taken by NASA captain Scott Joseph Kelly. 

Who's ready for a flight yet? 

This is what autumn does to Katahdin, Maine. 

No matter the season, you can find incredible sights wherever you go. So what's stopping you?

This was taken from Grand Prismatic at Yellowstone National Park. 

People say the hiking here is great! 

This is the view at Starved Rock State Park. 

Another view worth the walk. 

These Northern Lights were spotted by a couple staying in a cabin in Lofoten Islands, Norway. 

Seeing Northern Lights anywhere is an awe-inspiring experience. Seeing them in Norway? Bonus. 

This is what Red Rock Canyon in Nevada looks like. 

This place makes for endless explorations. 

This is the sunrise over Smokey Mountains in Tennessee. 

I can only imagine what that sky looks like all lit up with stars... 

This is the Mesa Arch in Utah. The photographer gave a pro-tip: "Mesa Arch is one of the highlights of the park, but to see it as colorful as it's pictured you would need to wake up about an hour before the sunrise to get a spot before many other photographers show up as there is a place for only 5-6 people to set a tripod for a good angle."

I know people (mom, I'm looking at you) who just can't get enough of exploring the arches in Utah. 

This is a rainbow over Uluru in Australia. 

Seeing a rainbow when you travel is a sign of great luck to come. 

These trees were encased with ice after a major frost storm in Bavaria, Germany. 

I wonder what they look like underneath it all. 

This is Krafla crater in Iceland. 

Fun-fact: there aren't many trees in Iceland. 

This beach can be found in Croatia. It's called Bertnica. 

Check out how small those people are compared to the rocks! What a sight. 


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