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Take A Look At The Boyhood Homes Of Donald Trump And Other US Presidents

When it comes to US Presidents, little attention is paid to the early formative years in their lives. Every once in a while, you see a picture of a president as a child. But you probably haven't seen their childhood homes, the places where they grew up and learned the ways of the world. It's also pretty interesting to see the surprisingly humble beginnings that some presidents started in. 

Let's take a look at Donald Trump and past presidents' boyhood homes. 

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The first President of the United States, George Washington, was born in Pope's Creek, Virginia in 1732. But his family ultimately settled at a Ferry Farm in Stafford County, Virginia when he was six years old.  

Here is an illustration of what this Ferry Farm looked like. 

Beautiful! What an awesome space for a young boy to run around.

Andrew Jackson was president between 1829 and 1837 and had some pretty humble beginnings. 

Here is an illustration of Andrew Jackson's birth home (1767) that was located along the border of North and South Carolina. 

How about one of the most popular Presidents of the United States Abraham Lincoln?

Here is his childhood home in Knob Creek, Kentucky where he lived between the ages of two and eight. 

The Lincolns lived on 30 acres of a 228-acre Knob Creek farm. 

Here is a picture of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt with his father James Roosevelt in 1895. 

Springwood Estate in Hyde Park, New York was FDR's birthplace and lifelong home (minus living in the White House while president). 

He had inherited the estate from his father. 

How about John F. Kennedy? 

This is the home at 83 Beals Street in Brookline, Massachusetts that President Kennedy was born in. 

Let's take a look at more recent presidents...

George W. Bush was born in 1946 and his father George H.W. Bush didn't become president until 1989.  He definitely didn't grow up as a "president's kid."

Here is the home where he grew up in Midland, Texas. 

It's hard to believe that two future US Presidents lived in this cute little home! On the right is a picture of George Sr. and George Jr. standing in the entrance of the home. 

What about President Obama? He was born in the beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii. 

Here he is at the beach, something that is hard to avoid in Hawaii. 

Here is the boyhood home of Barack Obama in the Honolulu hills. 

The constant view Barack had in this paradise is hard to beat...

President Bill Clinton was born in Hope, Arkansas in 1946. Let's take a look at where this little guy used to hang out...

President Clinton grew up in this small home in Hope, Arkansas. 

Small but cute! Let's take a look at President Trump's boyhood home...

How adorable was baby Trump, am I right?

So where did this little rugrat get his hands dirty?

Here is Trump's home in Queens, New York. 

The property at 85-15 Wareham Place actually just sold for $2.14 million. Not bad! Let's take a peek inside. 

Here is a look inside the home. 

While the furniture and likely much of the interior is different compared to the time the president lived there, you can still get a feel for the space. 

The fireplace actually looks original. Is that where Trump's Christmas stocking was hung? 

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