Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Easy Way To Make Crispy, Cheesy Loaded Buffalo Potato Stacks

Potatoes are like transportation vessels for deliciousness. It's an excuse to eat buttery, cheesy yumminess. These particular potatoes are crispy, spicy, cheesy, buttery, and topped with sour cream and green onions. What more could one possibly ask for? Nothing. That's all you need in life, basically. And you can make these at home. You don't need to be a chef. Or have any culinary skills to speak of. Well, okay, you need to know how to use a knife. But...if you don't know how to use a knife, you shouldn't be in the kitchen. That's my opinion, at least. Take it or leave it. Either way, these are easy, take no time at all to whip up (the amount of time it takes in the oven is another thing, however) and are delicious. You're going to want to put this on your list of things you're making this week. We here at Diply only have one thing to say about this recipe: You're welcome. 

What you'll need: 

- three or more potatoes 
- 45g melted butter
- 25g parmesan cheese
- 3g garlic powder
- buffalo sauce
- muffin tins
- butter/cooking spray
- black pepper
- sour cream
- green onions, chopped

The method: 

Peel your potatoes and slice them to 1/6 inch thickness. If you have a mandolin, I would save the chopping and use it. Put your slices in a bowl and cover with your butter, cheese, and garlic powder. Mix it. I would suggest using your hands. My mom always said that when you can, use your hands—you'll be able to tell when it's properly mixed better by feel than by look. Try to not get the bottle of the buffalo sauce all messed up as you open it and add that to your potato mixture. Mix again. Butter or spray your muffin tins (preferably with clean hands now). Stack your potatoes and place them in the muffin tins. Sprinkle with black pepper. Bake at 375 for 55-60 minutes. When they're done, let them set up for five minutes before you get your grubby paws on them. I know, I know. You waited that long and still have to wait LONGER? But yes, you heathen, you absolutely do. Take your potatoes out of the pan and top with sour cream and green onions. Additional shredded cheese could (read that as should) be added as well. Enjoy your spicy, crispy, loaded potato stacks. 


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