Sunday, July 3, 2016

Twitter Users Share The Struggles Of Growing Up Shy And It's Too Real

I've been shy all my life. I was a really quiet kid and kept to myself, and that didn't change much as I grew up at all. I had a few friends in high school and made a few in university, a process which I assume was like pulling teeth for those people. But I've never minded my own company.

I didn't really "come out of my shell" until very recently, and it's still so hard — but I'm getting better and trying, so that counts, right?

Sometimes, when I think back on my life, I see how silly some of the things I did were to avoid anyone paying attention to me but, that's what being shy is...and turns out I'm not the only one who did these things! 

I would rather maybe die from water going down the wrong way than have anyone look at me because I'm coughing.

I used to hate ordering food! I would always ask the server if it was OK to order the meal I ordered.

The people in my life have gotten so used to me being quiet that when I do talk I swear they think they're imagining it.

I used to count the people before me and then count the same number of paragraphs to practice.

Weeks? LMAO try years... I still remember every horrible detail of that one time in ninth grade. 

Getting to know other people is good and I actually love it, but it can be overwhelming when everyone there knows one another except you.

What was your biggest struggle growing up shy? Let me know in the COMMENTS!


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