Sunday, July 17, 2016

When You're A Hot Mess But You Love Yourself Anyway

You know those people who don't seem to understand self-deprecating humor? Well, those are the people you should consider cutting ties with ASAP. 

Just because we may make a joke or two about how we're total trash, it's not like we really mean it. What we mean is that we're trash, but that we're also better than everyone else. If you're a fellow garbage person, you'll definitely be able to relate. 

You see, there's nothing wrong with being trash, especially when you choose to live life with a sepia-inspired filter on! 

If your friends don't understand your self-deprecating humor, they're clearly not real friends. 

Only I can call myself "trash" because what I mean is something that looks like this. 

The perfect combination of garbage and glamorous. 

When you're feeling like the hot mess that you are, a face mask is bound to solve almost any of life's problems. 

The words "casual" and "natural" are simply not in my vocabulary. 


Garbage people will know that the slightest misstep in one's makeup routine can cause panic, tears, and self-loathing. 

But even so, we carry on. 

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