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Woman Transforms Her Face By Drinking Three Liters Of Water A Day For A Month

We hear that we need to drink more water during the day, but really, what's the big deal? I get through my day perfectly fine with two or three glasses of water a day, and I'm still walking and talking too much. Sarah Smith, a 42-year-old woman who needed help after experiencing annoying health issues in her life, has taken to the internet to show exactly what happened to her after doctors recommended that she drink quite a large amount of water a day.
Three liters of water a day was her medicine, and the results were surprising.

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This article does not constitute medical advice. If you’re concerned about your health, talk to your doctor.

Did you know that nearly half of Americans don't drink enough water during the day?

The CDCstates that water needs do vary from person to person, but if you drink less than four eight-ounce glasses of water a day, you're probably not drinking enough. 

One woman went way beyond this benchmark for water intake, and it was pretty surprising what it did to her appearance. 

After years of suffering headaches and having various digestive issues, 42-year-old Sarah Smith had enough and sought medical help from a neurologist and a nutritionist. 

She was in need of some serious help.

Sarah, who wrote an article for the Daily Maildetailing her journey, was told to drink three liters of water a day by the specialists. 

That amounts to roughly 12.5 cups of water a day!

How is someone supposed to drink that much water?

Well, Sarah gave it a shot, and the results were pretty extraordinary...

After two weeks of regularly drinking three liters of water a day, the results were already apparent. 

In fact, Sarah could tell that something was happening to her body the very first day she started drinking this amount of water. "By the end of my first day of drinking more water, I have had six [bathroom breaks] and my usually sluggish bowels are much more lively," she told the Daily Mail. 

Aside from her husband telling her that her cups of tea in the morning don't count as water intake, which she disproved pretty quickly (moderate amounts of tea don't dehydrate you), things were going quite smoothly. She noted that her complexion was beginning to improve and the bags under her eyes were beginning to dissipate. 

After three weeks on her water-drinking journey, the results really started to add up. 

She noticed that her skin appeared to be more plump and nourished. The bags under her eyes were much less substantial than before beginning the water regimen. 

One of the biggest things she noticed was the effect drinking water had on her hunger. "I'm eating less because drinking water with meals makes me feel fuller quicker. I used to snack, but I was reaching for food when I was actually thirsty. Studies show 37 per cent of people mistake thirst for hunger," she said. 

Here is Sarah after four full weeks! When you compare it to her starting point, the differences are quite clear. 

In addition to losing several pounds, her skin felt quite young. "My skin is almost as dewy as it was when I was a child. The transformation is nothing short of remarkable," she explained. 

She swears that the only thing she changed was the amount of water she was drinking. Incredible!

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