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16 People Who Beat The System

16 People Who Beat The System

If you don't agree with the rules, sometimes you have to get creative and take matters into your own hands, just like these folks did. If you're searching for some inspiration to start thinking out of the box, take a look at these free thinkers who managed to find and exploit loopholes. 

1. Technically he's just following the rules. Kids like this are why I have hope for the future. He's going to be the next Bill Gates or Elon Musk, I just know it.

2. Trying to find parking in a busy city can be an absolute nightmare, unless of course you drive a motorcycle and are able to find a loophole like this guy did.

3. Just look at the expression on this dog's face. He's so happy to finally be welcomed somewhere! Even if it means he had to sit on a word to change the meaning.

4. This is beating the system James Bond style. Hopefully the camera is able to record audio, otherwise he's going to be in huge trouble when his dad comes home because of the party he's about to throw.

5. It's a little hard to read, but this stand isn't allowed to sell drinks at a festival. So instead they got creative by selling peanuts for a dollar that each come with a complimentary bottle of water.

6. Something tells me that Denise is going to do just fine in life. She's already mastered the art of avoiding advances from creepy boys. That's a very valuable skill to have.

7. This is great. One, because now they comply with the law and won't be getting in trouble. Two, because someone is eventually going to be really, really hungry and spend $200 on nachos.

8. I think this person has a future career in marketing. Anything can be considered healthy if you use the right language and convince yourself of it! If your brain believes it, your body will too.

9. I think I'm going to have to start using this technique when I'm running late and can't find parking. Although if you get caught, I'm sure the fine would be much higher than a normal parking ticket would be.

10. I wish this trick worked at more places than just at restaurants. Because if it did, I would be doing fake proposals at car dealerships, jewelry stores, and the bank.

11. Technically this person did exactly what they were told. Next time, management will probably want to be a little more specific about what they want to the sign to say.

12. I'm definitely not an advocate for being dishonest in a relationship, but you have to admit, this is pretty good. Hopefully she doesn't show up to his house to surprise him.

13. Kids these days are getting too clever for their own good. Back in my day, I would just sneak out knowing that I'd be caught and accept the punishment later.

14. I wonder what costs more: buying a new tire, or just paying the fine to get the boot removed. Either way, this guy is a genius who doesn't have time to mess around with the legal way of doing things.

15. He's not the hero we deserve, but he's the hero we all need. I would love to see someone try to tell him to stop riding and him smugly pointing to the sign. 

16. This guy got into an exclusive party, simply by wearing an old receipt as a wristband. Clearly whoever was in charge of security wasn't doing a very good job of checking credentials. 

The Perfect Guide To What Your Children Might Look Like

The Perfect Guide To What Your Children Might Look Like

When I think about having kids, I never wonder about what color eyes they might have or if they might be redheads because, well, my entire family is full of people with brown-eyed, brown-haired people. Woo. Then years of using the Punnett square told me one thing: "All of your kids will have dark features. Live it with, bro." How can you argue with science?

Then I learned that the Punnett square isn't all that and a bag of chips (source). *fist pump* Coupling that with this great infographic, I came to realize there's hope for some diversity. 

The genes your kids will inherit

My genes? Strong. Real strong. 

This is what their eye color might be

Hope for blue-eyed babies goes on.

The strong genes dominate

But genes can't always be predicted with certainty

Don't forget one thing, though: single genes don't determine most traits. Something like your skin color is determined by over 100 genes. In the end, I'll probably still have brown-haired, brown-eyed babies, but a man can dream!

Source: 9gag


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Man Loses Over 300 Pounds By Walking To Walmart

Man Loses Over 300 Pounds By Walking To Walmart

Anyone who has ever tried to lose a couple pounds knows how hard it can be. It's not that your body won't work out, it's that your brain has to will it to do so. Working on the mental discipline that it takes to make a change to your body is what the struggle of weight loss boils down to in most cases. There are thousands (if not zillions) of methods and programs that claim to be "the way" to a healthier body... but really, it comes down to the individual and how they can modify their existing lifestyle (rather than attempting to abandon it completely). 

This is the amazing story of how something as simple as walking to the store can literally change your life. 

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Pasquale "Pat" Brocco Is A Big Man

Here he is at the age of 28 with a great life which he is not enjoying to the fullest. The husband and father was quite overweight but, in many ways, that was the normal way of things for him.

"Fat Pat"

This was his nickname since he was a kid. The smiles in these pictures hide a difficult struggle with weight that would get much harder before it would get easier. 

"My drug of choice was food, and I abuse it for so many year not knowing the harm I was causing."

He Kept The Smile As The Weight Packed On

As the years rolled on, Pat continued to gain weight. He stands at 6'8, but the weight he was carrying made him look several times bigger. Though Pat has always had a great smile, he was far from happy.

Finally, A Doctor Gave Him News He Just Couldn't Accept

The doctor said that Pat may die in his sleep. That short but stunning statement was too much reality for Pat's well-oiled excuse machine. He decided he wasn't going down without a fight — and he had the perfect reason to start caring more...

Pat Was Daddy To A New Baby

The doctor's words struck an extra sensitive cord with Pat as he has a family to provide for and obviously wants to be there to see his newborn son grow up. A major change was the only way that would be possible and that requires a hard first step: Pat had to start looking at himself.

When He Started Looking Within, He Got A Major Reality Check 

“I was disgusted.” Weight has a way of creeping up on people, especially when shame and hurt are part of the problem. Pat knew he was overweight, he'd always been so, but he didn't realize how big he had actually become. “My stomach was down to my thighs. My chest was hanging down here,” Pat told ABC News. In this photo, Pat was carrying 605 lbs on his 6'8 frame.

A Clean Slate

That selfie he took in the bathroom mirror was the last straw. Pat was determined to make a dramatic change for the better and it had to start at home with the source of the problem: his fridge. It was full of junk foods that needed to go immediately — before his new-found perspective started to fade. 

Pat threw away an entire fridge of food and decided if he wanted to eat, he would have to earn it from now on.

The Local Walmart Is Exactly One Mile Away...

With a house all but void of food and a fresh, clear attitude about health, Pat decided the best way to start balancing his lifestyle was to start walking. Walking is best done with a destination in mind and since food was now scarce, Pat decided to walk to Walmart every time he felt hungry. This meant he would walk one mile there and one mile back with the weight of the food for challenge. Three meals per day meant Pat was walking six miles per day!

"Yes I'm the Same man just a different outlook on life! I found what's really important and that's my health, I realized our health is our wealth!"

Pat's walks to Walmart proved to be a great way to start the journey toward a better, healthier life. He stuck to it and after a year of faithful commitment, Pat lost an amazing 200 lbs. When he was able, Pat began going to the gym and continued to see the fat come off and the muscle come on. He began posting his progress online and the internet was blown away.

"On the left I was 605 lbs over 53% body fat on my death bed with high blood pressure, pre diabetic and morbidly obese, on the right I'm 275 lbs 10% [body fat] and disease free!"

"This right here is the definition of what I have done. No matter where you are in life you can build yourself."

Pat posted this image to his Instagram account, reflecting on the progress he has made through hard physical and mental work.

"No one can make you eat healthy no one can make you do cardio no one can make you lift weights at the end of the day you have to do it for yourself and actually want to make a change not in just fitness in life period."

"Here's a better understand of what I accomplished!!"

Keeping accurate progress pictures is a big part of sticking with any body transformation plan. Pat had a IDXA body scan done to see how his body's fat is distributed and where he's losing it.

"On the left was me about two years at the beginning of my journey I was 605 lbs 52% [body fat] the yellow represents overweight fatty areas and that red represents obese dangerous areas! As you can tell there is fat around my liver and all through my body with very little muscle!! I was actually to big for the machine!! The picture on the right is me today at 11.1% [body fat] almost all muscle not only have I lost over 320 lbs and 40.9% [body fat] I also put on over 50 lbs of lean mass!!!"

Little By Little, Step By Step

Humble and honest, Pat is open with his followers about his struggle and why it's all worth it in the end:

"We all make mistakes in life I'm just thankful I had the ability to change , learn and grow from mine! Some people may never try to change, some may give up, some may think it's impossible! Well I'm here to say and show you all that it is very possible!!"

But there was still one thing Pat couldn't do on his own. Pat still had nearly 30 lbs of loose skin hanging off of his now super fit frame...

The Kind Of Doctor Pat Actually Wanted To See

Though Pat loved his new look, he still didn'tlook quite the wayin the way he wanted. After losing 300 lbs, Pat had a lot of extra skin that needed to be removed to complete his body transformation. No amount of working out would tighten that much skin, so the doctor did what he could and....

The Final Results Are Amazing

"This is 1.5 days after surgery and already seeing results!! Even tho there's still a lot of swelling everything is coming along great! This is just the beginning of a new chapter of my journey this journey is now a lifestyle and I have no plans on ending it!"

Now Pat has the body he has worked so hard to achieve. He will still need to heal, but he's finally reached his goal and is maintaining it.

From "Fat Pat" To "Possible Pat"

Pat changed his body, his life, and now, his old nickname. He's not "Fat Pat" anymore because he's "Possible Pat" and he's proved it. He wanted to set a good example for his son so he would know that anything is possible and he has succeeded!

"Possible Pat" Is Making The Impossible Seem Possible For People All Over

It may have started in Arizona but Pat is making an impact on people everywhere.SHARE his amazing progress with your friends. You never know who you can inspire!

Family's Tough Love Helps Girl Break Her Drug Addiction

Family's Tough Love Helps Girl Break Her Drug Addiction

It's one of the hardest things for a family to go through: drug addiction. 

Some families don't make it. Some, just barely. Others? Well, those are the stories we hold on to. Those are the stories that give the others hope. 

This is one of those stories. 

Gabi had a rough start to life, which led her to start doing heroin at just 16. 

The heroin took Gabi and transformed her into someone her grandparents and guardians didn't know anymore. They watched as her life spiraled out of control. They didn't give up. Arrest after arrest, they didn't give up. 

But then Gabi does something that spurs them to call the cops on her. She gets arrested for a fourth time. This is where her story really starts. This is where she turns it all around, reminding us change is possible. Recovery is possible. 

For us all.

Please SHARE to show your support for this amazing young woman who totally turned her life around. 

24 Sweet Pics For Salty People

24 Sweet Pics For Salty People

So you wanna laugh, huh? Well, good, because that's what we're here for. I mean, what's the point of the internet if not for a good laugh? Yeah, yeah, flow of information, globalization, civil society, multidimensionality, blah, blah, blah...give us the memes already! 

1. Getting creative this holiday season 

2. Every time I try to get my life together 

3. It'll look great with the curtains 

4. Oh Shi—

5. She's a beauty 

6. I got some naughty pics on here 

7. Master-level camouflage

8. Just a drunk ass 

9. It'ssssss jusssssst sssoooo me

10. I had to include a second one 

11. Totally, bruh 

12. Wow someone's saltier than the ocean

13. That tie, though

14. Totes relatable 

15. That's one basic pug! 

16. Just struggling to keep a straight face 

17. Poor guy

18. Is all that breathing really necessary? 

19. Mom is ruthless 

20. Oh, you know, just drying my gums...

21. Kids these days and their technology...

22. Just how lettuce should be

23. That ain't real!

24. What sorcery is this?!