Friday, August 5, 2016

12 Weird Phobias That Actually Exist

Fear is a reasonable reaction to a lot of things in life. It's useful. When you feel threatened, it's fight or flight, and flight sure keeps you alive. And overcoming your fears is a part of life. Everybody faces down something they fear eventually, or they get stopped in their tracks. You can't let fear keep you from moving forward and living your life.

However, not all fear is rational. Some people out there have downright strange fears. You just can't explain them. It's not like a fear of falling from great heights or a fear of axe-murdering psychos. Lots of people avoid those. But how many of us fear the things on this list?

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1. Nomophobia

Is losing signal on your cell phone an inconvenience, or do you quake at the thought? If you're afraid of losing cell contact or not being able to find your phone, you've got nomophobia.

2. Deipnophobia

Dinner parties and dining conversation can be elegant or unpleasant, but if you have deipnophobia, you're not going near them.

3. Pteridophobia

It's hard to say what would make people afraid of ferns. Maybe those fronds look too much like tentacles?

4. Aulophobia

Pity those who fear flutes. They will miss out on some of the sweetest, funkiest jazz out there.

5. Sophophobia

If you're reading this list happily, you don't have sophophobia, the fear of learning something new.

6. Ablutophobia

You'll want to steer clear of people with ablutophobia, and you'll probably be able to smell them coming because they're afraid of bathing.

7. Porphyrophobia

It sure seems irrational to fear purple. But in certain, select situations, it's understandable.

8. Oikophobia

Life must have been better for oikophobes back in the Dark Ages because they're afraid of home surroundings and household appliances.

9. Omphalophobia

Innies or outies don't matter to people with omphalophobia — they're afraid of all kinds of belly buttons.

10. Somniphobia

What an unimaginably awful existence it must be to fear sleep, but some folks do, especially if they've had trouble with nightmares.

11. Pteronophobia

A fear of being tickled by feathers — not fingers or anything else, specifically feathers — probably doesn't come up that often, right?

12. Cathisophobia

People with cathisophobia should just go ahead and buy a standing desk because they're afraid of sitting down.

It's hard to believe, but yes, people do fear the things on this list. Let's hope they can overcome their fears, because, come on, it's a fern. A fern.
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