Friday, August 5, 2016

16 Snapchat Moments We're All Too Familiar With

Snapchatters everywhere feel the struggle; maintaining "streaks" with friends, grinding away as you tap through endless stories, trying to get the filters to pick up your face instead of your left elbow.
It's basically like a career, you know? 
If you can't decide if you're a casual Snapper or a flat-out Snapchat Lord, then you've come to the right place. Here you'll find a lengthy list of several Snapchat moments, and however many you relate to could spell out just how much of a Snapchat addict you really are.

1. Who hasn't devoted hours on end trying out every single new filter?

2. Sometimes I find myself tapping long after the stories have ended 

3. TFW the face swap tool alerts you to a paranormal presence

4. Idk, it's kind of a good look

5. I bet your bitmoji is just as sassy as Lizzie's tbh

6. CSI: Crazy Snapchat Investigator 

7. Don't stare into its eyes for too long 

8. Be honest, most of your time on Snapchat is spent relishing in your own glory 

9. When your friendship is clearly blessed by the Snapchat Gods

10. Did they see it? Check who's viewed it again!!!

11. Use your Bitmojis for good, not evil

12. The sad truth 

13. If you saw it on my sc story, it's gotta be true

14. To best friends everywhere: you should feel honored

15. Unless you're onstage singing a duet with Beyonce and the hologram of Tupac, your story's too long 

16. Every snapchat story lurker has felt the sting 


Author: verified_user