Tuesday, August 2, 2016

16 Stages Of That Tinder Life

If I had a dollar for each time I deleted, re-downloaded, and made a new profile on dating apps like Tinder, I would be well-off. There is something so addicting about them! Somehow, we always find ourselves getting sucked back in. 

Here are the unavoidable stages of using Tinder:

1. Others might have given in, but not you. In fact, you refuse to go back on Tinder.

What good did it ever do for you? Legit nothing. Stop and quit while you're ahead.

2. But, I mean I guess it could be fun to swipe and see what happens. Right?

Nothing serious, of course. Totally as a joke, because you're bored and it could provide valuable entertainment. 

3. Okay, jokes aside, I guess you are kinda curious. You haven't gone on for so long!

Curiosity got the best of them, right? That, or a friend stole your phone and made you download it. 

4. Now to make a well-thought out, fire profile.

Find your best selfies and come up with a clevver, witty bio, or write a bio about being too cool to write a bio, which we've all done at one point.

5. Set age, area, and gender filters, and start swiping.

May the odds be ever in your favor. Pleasssssseeeeedon't match me with that dude I tried to block who wouldn't stop messaging me, Tinder, I beg. 

6. Swiping alone is fine, but swiping with friends can be beyond hilarious. 

That is until one of them steals your phone and sends a match a message against your free will. After that, back to solo swiping it is.

7. That frustrating, humiliating moment when you accidentally give someone a super like.

How dare you blow your cool like that? Especially when it is someone you were deftrying to say no to. Ugh. The worst.

8. You have a match with a beautiful human and all of the sudden, have envisioned them as the love of your life.

Wait, they really think I'm pretty? Maybe this Tinder thing isn't so bad! 

9. Should you send the first message? Should you wait for them to do it? Wow is this giving you anxiety.

I mean no shame in messaging first, send a cute Gif...or don't because you're terrified, LOL, that works too.

10. Oh, a new message. Thank goodness.I hope it isn't a bad pick-up line.

On top of that, I hope I don't fall for said bad pick-up line. I really hope it's that super cute gif of a cat waving.

11. Someone strikes up a real conversation, and honestly, you are both floored and flattered.

You mean you aren't going to ask me how my day was like everyone else? Omg! *swoon* bonus points if they mention something from your bio.

12. Then, reality starts to set in, and you realize that a lot these dudes are total duds.

Dudes, ladies, whoever, a lot of them aren't as great as they once seemed. Doubt they look like their profile photo, either.

13. You talk to a lot of people and ~click~ with one in particular, swapping digits with success.

Big step towards the next phase of your potential relationship, honestly. Does that mean you can delete the damn app now?

14. Now you have moved into the talking stage with said person, but remain in close quarters with a few other matches.

Ya know, just in case things don't work out! You need to have other prospects!

15. You have a date coming up, and it is either going to put allthe faith in online dating, or ruin it.

Could be either or, you're too nervous to even find out, tbh.

16. Know what? Forget this app. You don't need Tinder. 

*deletes app, even though we allknow you're going to re-download it in a matter of weeks and repeat this cycle again*

That, or you actually found someone, in which case congratulations!


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