Friday, August 5, 2016

17 Times Internet People Were Savage AF

The internet is the Wild West of our generation — a digital frontier wherein users are constantly pushing boundaries and acting like savages. Yeah, I said it. Savages! If you don't believe me, then how do you explain the pictures on this list? Ya, that's what I thought. 

1. She just wants to be included

2. Grandma's giving that tough love, again

3. Ouuff

4. There goes my appetite

5. He never stood a chance

6. This guy's using every curve in the book

7. When the friend zone you dug yourself into is so deep you'll never make it out

8. That's cold, man

9. "Best of luck to ya"

10. Well that was short lived

11. Looks a bit undercooked, actually

12. Shut down

13. Zero!

14. Spoke too soon

15. No-image guy is savage

16. Google's heartless

17. Apparently, Google was just getting warmed up


Author: verified_user