Monday, August 1, 2016

20 Epic Yearbook Entries That Will Be Remembered Forever

Do you still have your old high school year books? 

Unless you're that person who considers the years of mandatory phys-ed and puking in your parents' flower bed the glory days, most of the time after high school is spent desperately trying to block it from memory. The very last thing I want to see is the haircut I had at 16, and I certainly don't want to be reminded of whatever life goals I had set for myself at a time when I considered milk-chugging contests the height of cultured entertainment. 

Despite all this, I keep my yearbooks, not out of nostalgia, but out of apprehension that one day I might actually feel nostalgia and a desperate need to remember what jerk-face-Kathy wrote to me at graduation. Even if you don't want to look at your own yearbook photos, you're going to want to look the ones these hilarious people captioned. After seeing them, you might even be inspired to take a look through your own to see if any golden nuggets like these are hiding in there. 

1. Now we know why Sarah was always so joyful

And what that smell was.

2. Standing up for what you believe in

I mean Jesus definitely wasn't white, so who knows?

3. It's because of this advice that Joanna had to take grade 10 math three times

Eventually she caught on.

4. Setting it straight once and for all

Guys, it was a goddamn clock!

5. A reminder to all those teachers who call kids out for sleeping in class

Some of us are just Asian, you assholes. 

6. The entry that speaks for all of generation Y and the millennials. 

Because what haven't the baby-boomers ruined for everyone else? 

The economy, the environment, not to mention they raised a bunch of narcissistic internet addicts. I can't wait to pay their old age pensions when I'm 40 years old and still in an entry level job. 

7. This perfectly placed twosome 

A Samantha might be acceptable, but Carrie? Really?

8. That weirdo Canadian 

Always trying to set themselves apart, eh.

9. For the last time!

Nguyen is basically Vietnamese for Smith. 

10. I guess my sparkling personality comes from all those flavored Bonnie Bell Lip Smackers I used to eat. 

11. Deep thinker?

Or always high?

12. You all had some version of this guy at your school. He never went to class, but he always had some form of breakfast food.

Amen brother.Something we can all agree on. 

13. This profound confession 

I bet this makes you wish you got to know him better. 

14. High school can be a tough world

Don't we all wish we could crawl back in there and escape?

15. It's all dad wants

Good thing you haven't told him you're double majoring in Film Criticism and Women's Studies. 

16. And people say making friends is hard in high school

Sometimes you just find your other half. 

17. When people ask you why you wear the hijab 

Best answer ever. 

18. What happens when the yearbook staff isn't up on the 'new slang'

F.A.P. is a huge part of everyone's life in high school. Unless you're Catholic. But maybe still then. 

19. This guy who's got his life planned out

It's a life skill. 

20. This guy who captured the hard realities of growing up


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