Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Family's Tough Love Helps Girl Break Her Drug Addiction

It's one of the hardest things for a family to go through: drug addiction. 

Some families don't make it. Some, just barely. Others? Well, those are the stories we hold on to. Those are the stories that give the others hope. 

This is one of those stories. 

Gabi had a rough start to life, which led her to start doing heroin at just 16. 

The heroin took Gabi and transformed her into someone her grandparents and guardians didn't know anymore. They watched as her life spiraled out of control. They didn't give up. Arrest after arrest, they didn't give up. 

But then Gabi does something that spurs them to call the cops on her. She gets arrested for a fourth time. This is where her story really starts. This is where she turns it all around, reminding us change is possible. Recovery is possible. 

For us all.

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