Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Here Are The Top 13 Brangelina Divorce Theories

So in case you haven't heard, one of the greatest power couples in Hollywood history are about to break up. That's right, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are no longer. So what happened to Brangelina? Where did the magic go? Have they already forgotten about the sparks and butterflies they experienced while filming  days of Mr. and Mrs. Smith? What the heck Brad? What the heck Angie baby?!

I'm not the only one who is completely shocked by the news. In fact, the entire internet is pretty much going crazy with hard-to-believe theories, rumors and gossip about the Pitt/Jolie household. I'm not one for gossip, but it's BRANGELINA we're talking about here! So take a look...

THEORY #1 – Angelina hates Brad's parenting style. 

TMZ has reported that Angelina has asked the judge for full physical custody of the couple's six children. The reason? Apparently she is quite upset with the way Brad treats their children.

THEORY #2 – Brad and Angelina have been arguing about his apparent substance abuse struggles.

The exact same TMZ source has also pointed the finger at a possible substance abuse problem for Angelina and Brad's breakup. Rumors of weed and alcohol have been floating around, but keep in mind that back in 2013 Pitt admitted to the media that he gave up all of his old partying ways to start a family.

THEORY #3 – Brad might have an anger problem.

So if you haven't noticed yet, a lot of these theories revolve around issues with Brad. In fact, TMZ also reported that sources close to Angelina have claimed to have seen Brad struggle with anger and rage in the past. 

THEORY #4 – Angelina has been preparing her PR team for the divorce.

The Cut claims that Jolie must have had a PR strategy in place for some time, because nearly every online source has outed Brad as the reason for the marital struggles. 

THEORY #5 – Brad was too close with Angelina's father.

As you may or may not know, Angelina and her father Jon Voight don't necessarily get along. Page Six has reported that a possible reason for divorce is the fact that Brad is actually extremely close with his wife's estranged father, and she's not too happy about it. 

THEORY #6 – Brad cheated on Angelina.

That same Page Six article reports a possible affair between Brad Pitt and his Alliedco-star Marion Cotillard. In fact, rumor has it that Angelina hired a private investigator to spy on Brad and Marion.

THEORY #7 – Brad fell back into a party lifestyle.

We've already discussed the theory of Brad's substance abuse, but Page Six has also reported that Brad started "partying like a single guy on a mission" during his time filming Allied

That's not all we've been hearing though...

THEORY #8 – There was some sort of dramatic incident...

An Us Weekly source claims that something strange happened in the Pitt/Jolie home recently and that caused Angelina to completely reevaluate her marriage. Not much else was said except for the fact that this "incident" affected the entire family. 

THEORY #9 – Brad was frequently surrounded by Russian hookers.

That's right, Russian hookers. Allegedly. Page Six reports that Brad was also fond of hiring Russian prostitutes to hang out with him in his dressing room on the Alliedset. 

THEORY #10 – Brad is going through a midlife crisis and Angelina can't handle it.

A lot of these theories kind of revolve around some sort of midlife crisis for Brad, but Page Six actually claims that Angelina is fed up with Brad's recent struggles. 

Yep... there's more...

THEORY #11 – Brad thought that Angelina was too soft on the kids.

People has claimed that Brad was definitely the more strict of the two, but that he had often gotten into arguments with his wife about the fact that she never laid down the law. 

THEORY #12 – The two haven't been spending much time together as of late.

Apparently there have been issues for a while. People has reported that Brad spent much of the last year away from home due filming obligations and the couple began drifting apart. 

THEORY #13 – Brad has fled to Europe in the past because of arguments with Jolie.

Brad has been spotted leaving for France by himself several times throughout the past year according to People. 

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