Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Mark Zuckerberg Uses Some Of The Most Basic Methods To Keep Hackers Out

We are all concerned about being spied on. There are tons of hackers out there with the ability to break into your computer and do whatever they want. But what are the chances of that actually happening, right?

Well, when Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg is concerned about being hacked, we should probably see what he does to protect against it...

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We all know Mark Zuckerberg. The coding genius that revolutionized social media by creating Facebook.

He has released a picture that is creating some buzz online.

Zuckerberg recently posted this photo celebrating Instagram hitting 500 million likes.

Something else about this picture is generating more attention than the accomplishment itself.

This photo comes just weeks after Zuckerberg was hacked with a pretty weak password of 'dadada.'

As soon as the Instagram celebration photo was posted, people began noticing some interesting things on Zuckerberg's desk.

Do you notice anything odd about this picture? Here is a close-up.

He totally has tape covering his laptop webcam.

Could he be a little concerned that his cam will get hacked? He happens to have a history of hacking himself, so he would know.

There is something else. He also has his laptop microphone covered.

Now that's one I need to try out. I suppose people would want to know his private conversations.

So it looks like even the most successful and programming-savvy individuals of all time can take advantage of a little tape to fix things up.

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