Tuesday, August 2, 2016

These 14 Projects Make Chicken Wire Chic

One of the least expensive ways to add a bit of shabby chic to your home decor is with chicken wire. Big rolls of it can be bought for very little cost and the only tools you really require are some wire cutters and pliers. So skip the chicken coop and get yourself a roll. Just the one will probably give you enough material to complete a couple of the projects I've found for you!

1. Hold your toilet paper with style.

It would be easy to add chicken wire to a basic TP holder. Just replace the backing with wire. 

2. An alternative to a pegboard in the workshop.

The wire can have hooks hung from it too, so you can store all the same tools you would on a basic pegboard.

3. Turn a lamp shade into a wire basket.

You can change up the look simply by choosing a differently shaped shade to start with. 

4. Or just use the lamp shade.

If the wire is too bare for you, lining the shade with a gauzy fabric would still reveal the wire's pattern when the light is on.

5. Swap out your cabinet fronts with wire.

You can leave them open to show off the cupboard's contents, or you could line the inside with a cute fabric.

6. You can age the wire with chalkboard paint.

Brand new wire may not have the rustic look you want, but you can paint it! Chalkboard paint gives a nice matte finish, and you could even add some other rusty colors to age it even more.

7. Make a greeting card display board.

The great thing about this is that you can change it up for the season. Swap out the wreath and it can hold birthday cards, Easter greetings, or even just beloved family photos.

8. Giant Christmas baubles!

If I had a proper front yard, I would totally do this! Just form the wire into a ball shape, wrap that ball in Christmas lights, and stick that beauty out on the lawn.

9. Organize and display jewelry.

This is another great use of a wooden frame with some chicken wire stapled to it. Add small hooks to hang your baubles from.

10. Turn an old window and clock face into decor worth talking about.

If you're feeling ambitious, it would be really easy to add a basic clock mechanism and actually tell the time! 

11. A cool alternative to paper or fabric bunting.

Just cut the wire into triangles and hang from more wire — or to add to the shabby-chic look, hemp string. 

12. Add wire to a mason jar lid to make a vase.

The chicken wire will keep the flowers standing upright, while still leaving it easy to add water when needed. 

13. Create a wall sconce planter.

These would be cute both in the garden and inside the home. 

14. DIY your new laundry hamper.

Large wire hampers can cost a fair bit in stores, but it's easy to make your own with a wooden circle, chicken wire, and some casters. Use a store bought fabric hamper to line it, or sew one yourself if you have the skills.

I could watch chicken wire being made all day. It's oddly soothing.

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