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Could Jake Gyllenhaal Be Replacing Ben Affleck As Batman?

Could Jake Gyllenhaal Be Replacing Ben Affleck As Batman?

There's a rumor floating around that Jake Gyllenhaal is in talks to replace Ben Affleck as Batman in the upcoming solo movie directed by Matt Reeves because I guess every dude in Hollywood has to play Batman at least once.

Ben Affleck recently said that he is looking for a "graceful and cool" way to exit the franchise. You know, he's tired after playing the caped crusader for a whole two (and a half) movies... 

The rumor started when film critic John Campea reported that Gyllenhaal was Matt Reeves' top pick for the upcoming solo movie.

Screenrant has also reported that Gyllenhaal had a meeting with the director.

Fans have been cracking jokes at Affleck's expense ever since he became aloof about his commitment to the role. 

Gyllenhaal actually auditioned for the role back when Christopher Nolan was running the show, but he lost out to Christian Bale. 

He also was a contender to replace Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man, so I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that Jake is down to play a superhero. 

Fans definitely had feelings about the news. 

Some were down, while others weren't ready to let go of #Batfleck. 

And some fans think that Gyllenhaal is actually better suited for a different DC character.

Um, this would probably be awesome. 

Also, this is just a rumor at this point, so take it with a grain of salt, people! 

But now I literally can't stop thinking about who I'd cast as Batman! 

Who would you cast as Batman? COMMENTand let us know! 

23 Funny Pictures That Live Up To Their Reputation

23 Funny Pictures That Live Up To Their Reputation

Have you ever wondered why we're here? What your purpose in life might be? If we play a bigger role than just existing (or cleaning and eating and sleeping)? Yeah, me too. I actually get completely stuck in those thoughts from time to time and it's a total drag. 

Uggh. Whenever this happens, I take to the net to boost my moods. I was out there looking for the funniest stuff possible and came across these gems. So here they are, maybe they can help distract you from such disconcerting thoughts too!

1. And you think your trips to the dentist are bad

One time I bit down on the dentist's finger when he was trying to freeze my mouth with one of those stupid needles. I think I win. I've since switched dentists. 

2. Arthur without his glasses

Not sure even Chrissy could clap back at this one. #seeingisbelieving 

3. A little throwback for you

And me! I'm currently shoving knock-off Cinnabons from a corner store in my mouth as I type. Yay Mondays!
Editor's note: It's Friday. 

4. Naw man, some sharks were after him so he skipped town

Best to just keep swimming along then eh? 

5. You can be anything you want to be, even a white duck with pink feet apparently 

Don't stop BELIEVING! Hold onto that feeeeeling. Seriously though, how that duck do that? And what is even going on what that other white duck?  

6. Burrrrrnnnnnnn, baby, burrrrrrrnnnnnnnn

This one's so good I'm taking it for future use. Thank you @1MeLtro! 

7. This is the happiest dog that ever did live 

Me: I wish I was this happy about anything, but then again, I'm not a dog so... 

Other me: Be happy for this widdle wagger, LOOK AT HIS FACE. LOOK AT IT.


8. This guy gets all the — I'm probably not allowed to finish that joke...but you get it

I wonder if he has more at home? Are these his favorites? HOW DOES HE GET THEM TO STAY THERE LIKE THAT? #bosscatman

9. I hope that's not dry clean only...

The worst part is waking up the next day to freak out at him for having makeup on his shirt and then realizing it was actually you and your face has been half off the whole time. 

10. It reminds me of the lunches my parents used to pack me...

Which is probably why there's a really weird part of me that finds this sweet. C'mon, am I really the only one.

Editor's note: yes. 

11. Picking a good font is important

10/10 would still order. Girl's gotta have her tacos, bro. 

12. If Ron Weasley and Harry Potter had a love child

Anyone else feeling a little weird just looking at this? I mean...first, are we SURE this is the real Ed Sheeran...second: how is his hair blowing more in the wind than hers? HOW? 

13. This is so relatable it actually hurts

Like, you already made it this far on your ice cream dream mission, NOTHING CAN STOP YOU NOW. Not even having zero clue how to operate and fix an ice cream machine. Not even that. 

14. The closer to each other you get, the fewer words you need to express how you feel

Honestly, I like the latter stage much better. I have no time for niceties with people I actually like. 

15. "Decided to sell my house and see the country in this baby"

This is the exact picture that made me realize our celeb obsession really has gone too far. Way too far. 

16. Grandma's got more game than I'll ever have

Insider scoop: They are bbf's. They planned to meet there and take this pic just do you would know how lame you really are, kid. Gramma's got you beat. 

17. There really are two types of kids on a Saturday morning...

The ones who want to play and the ones who want to sleep. Neither words well for ballet at 8am, but that's somewhat besides the point now isn't it? 

And just so we're clear: I am, and always will be, the kid rolled up on the floor. 

18. Watch out, kid!

Grandpa don't care about your fun. He's finally getting his few seconds of fame and no little bundle of joy will ever stand in his way. 

19. Are you calling me fat?

You know, I don't even care. Call me fat. Call me bubbly. Call me happy cuz I'm gonna eat that fluffed out cookie like there's no tomorrow. Or calories. 

20. Mad flow, bro

One rodent, sooo many questions. First, what kinda conditioner you use? Second, how you get that blow out to flow like that? Third, nah man that's enough. 

21. Impressive, but I'd have preferred chicken nuggets and a side of fries with gravy. Maybe some sour key candies 

Like for real though, I could never date a guy this sweet because one day I just know he's gonna use that cheeky smile to ask me to go running too. 

And that can never happen. Ever. Not even for love. 

22. I didn't know Freddy drove an Altima...and I really didn't want to

K. I'd honestly just put it in reverse at this point. In no world am I waiting behind this guy. 

23. Sometimes, you just need some alone time

Everyone needs some space every now and then but seriously though, you okay in there bro? It's been a while and I never got my honey glazed...

And yes, I still want it. 

Think you got a photo funnier than these? Post it in the comments on Facebook and let the internet decide then.

12 Hard-Hitting Facts About 'Friday Night Lights'

12 Hard-Hitting Facts About 'Friday Night Lights'

When I think of football things in pop culture, I think of this show.

Clear eyes and full hearts... all that nonsense. I love Friday Night Lights because I really felt like a part of it.

But the more I dug into the show there were tiny nuggets of facts that made me love this show even more like...

1. This is the second time that Connie Britton played the coach's wife... she played the same role in the movie.

In the movie she was Sharon Gaines, wife of Billy Bob Thornton's role of Coach Gary Gaines.

2. Zach Gilford was working at a sporting goods store when he was up for the part of Matt Saracen.

Part of the reason he ended up with the role was because the other actor vying for the role was couble-booked for a made-for-TV movie for Disney.

3. Taylor Kitsch drank TWO BEERS in his audition tape to get on the show.

When he was called in to test for the part, they interviewed him sports reporter–style.

4. Minka Kelly's role before Friday Night Lightsconsisted of prepping women getting boob jobs.

She was working in a plastic surgery clinic as a scrub nurse preparing women getting lip and breast implants.

5. Basically no one played football except Michael B. Jordan.

Gaius Charles, who played Brian "Smash" Williams, wasn't very good at throwing around the pigskin and Taylor Kitsch just played hockey for 20 years.


6. In the pilot episode, there were no rehearsals – so that's why the camera had to follow the actors around wherever they chose to go.

But that was annoying, and then–NBC president Kevin Reilly told producers to cut down on that action because it was too jiggly.

7. Kyle Chandler who played Coach Taylor got rid of all future sex scenes after one was WAY too awkward.

He said he was just way too uncomfortable.

Dude, come on. It's called immersing yourself into the role...

8. Most of the cast of Dillion High WEREN'T teens at ALL.

Minka Kelly was 26, Taylor Kitsch was one year younger than that, Adrianne Palicki who played Tyra Collette was 23 and Zach Gilford was 24.

9. "Coach Taylor" worked as a volunteer firefighter while he was acting in the show.

Unbeknownst to the rest of the cast and crew, he worked 24 hours a week at the local firehouse. 


10. Former governor and presidential candidate Mitt Romney was called out for plagiarism after he stole a line from the show in a speech.

Peter Berg ended a letter to the GOP candidate by saying to Romney, "Please come up with your own campaign slogan."

11. Emmy Rossum didn't want to be typecast as the "good girl" so she said no to Lyla Garrity and instead ended up onShowtime's raunchy Shameless.

12. There were worries that Kyle Chandler was too pretty to be the coach but then he showed up on a motocycle clearly hungover and they thought he was perfect.

AKA both Coach Taylor and Riggins both got these roles after drinking different things!

COMMENTand tell us what you love about Friday Night Lights!

23 Situations That Quickly Got Out Of Hand

23 Situations That Quickly Got Out Of Hand

There are few things funnier than a situation getting out of hand, whether it's on AFV when the kid misses the piñata and hits dad instead, or a news article about someone "commandeering" a forklift. 

Here are 23 situations that went from 0 to 60 reaaaaal quick. 

1. This totally legitimate interpersonal conflict. 

Seems reasonable. 

2. This inexplicable photograph. 

I can only imagine it was something along these lines. 

3. This unadvertised Home Alone sequel. 

Not a family film, that's for sure. 

4. This predicament. 

"Trust me," he said. "I'm an engineer," he said. 

5. This very to-the-point ad. 

To be fair, the jelly is delicious. 

6. This rebellious spirit. 


7. This addition to Bop It.

I didn't know they released a new version. 

8. This unanticipated plot twist.

Please, can I?

9. This monster of a boyfriend. 

This is worse than socks in an iPhone box. 

10. This transformation. 

Yes, that's how puberty works, my friends. 

11. This somewhat-to-very messed up incident. 

That comment tho.

12. This indoctrination. 

One apple, one god. Seems legit. 

13. This crappy friendship.

I don't think that's how depression works...

14. This modern-day pirate. 

I don't know what's funnier: that he was driven to commandeer a forklift for a candy bar, or that it took his employer five days to fire him for it. 

15. This turn of fate. 

See, Larry? That's how karma works.  

16. These obviously damaged goods. 


17. This racist sign. 

So... what do you sell?

18. This fair judge of the people. 

Where are we, Iran? 

19. This vindictive girlfriend.

Soon to be ex-girlfriend, I'm sure. 

20. This lesson on the birds and the bees.

See, kids? That's how quickly it can happen. 

21. This Class-A troll. 

The perfect setup. 

22. These desperate campaigners. 


23. This joker with no sense of boundaries. 

I have an innocent puppy, and there's a group of legitimately dangerous bikers nearby. Hmm... I'll just make a swift getaway on a bulldozer!


Collage images via 1. imgur / Lassannn 2. reddit / griffunk 3. imgur