Sunday, September 25, 2016

12 Next Level Party Hacks

It's summer time, which also means it's party time! With all the birthdays, holidays, weddings and whatnot going down all summer long, you better be bringing your A-game when it comes to partying. Instead of letting your party end before it gets started, here are some things to make sure it's anything BUT lame. SO LET'S DO THIS PARTY ANIMALS!

Check out some wicked ways to pump up your party and make it the get-together of the year!

1. First Off, Pick A Theme! It Can Be Anything! It's Up To You And IT'S FREE!

If you really want people to party, give them cause to celebrate! If you are sad Game of Thrones done for another year, have a costume contest or make your own GoT beer pong table with the tutorial on #12!

2. Dixie Cup Patio Lights

Bust out those Christmas lights from your garage so you can use them more than once a year. You just have to cut holes in the bottom of some paper cups, hang them on your holiday lights and BAM! You have patio lights.

3. Party Scoreboard

Nothing says you mean business when it comes to partying like a scoreboard for drinking games! You can buy this one off Etsy, and the major perk to buying this one is that it lights up at night!

4. Havana Mojito Popsicles Perfect For Summer Parties

The beauty of this method is all you really need is the popsicle holders, and then you can use any recipe you want! Red wine, gin, and vodka are ideal mixers, but this recipe is for mojitos, so break out the rum!

The party train isn't stopping here, so all aboard if you want to see how to DIY shot glasses out of lemons for tequila, vodka and more!

5. Lemons As Shotglasses

This hack is a work of genius guaranteed to make your party a masterpiece. Cut lemons in half, scoop out some of the center, rim the edge with salt and, fill them with tequila, vodka or whatever you desire!

6. Use Frozen Balloons To Keep Bottles On Ice

Instead of using ice cubes, freeze some water balloons and leave them in a punch bowl to keep your liquor cool. Not only do they last longer than ice cubes, you can have a water balloon fight afterwards!

7. Save On Your Clean Up By Cutting Your Chip Bags This Way!

Cut down on dishes by slicing bags open at the sides this way, so you don't have to use a bowl! All you need is a pair of scissors, and even the laziest of the lazy can pull this one off in a heartbeat.

8. Mason Jar Martini Shaker

All you need to do is take the rim off of the jar lid, use the metal top as a slider and you're DONE. It really is that easy and will definitely make you look like a jack of all trades and a master of having a blast!

Gear up party people because the best is yet to come! On the next page we'll show you how to make an epic fountain cooler out a few kiddie pools!

9. Labelling Your Cup!

This way no one steals your drink and you can label it with your nickname! Nobody likes someone sketchy fooling around with their booze! Plus it will make everyone responsible for their trash... or else!

10. Fountain Of Flavour

All you need is three kiddie pools of different sizes, five buckets, an aquarium pump, vinyl tube, ice, water and booze! This thing looks killer and is NOT hard to make! Plus, you can decorate with your theme!

11. Booze-Filled Piñata

Just buy a regular Piñata and fill it with mini bar bottles instead of candy. Since you and your guests might be a little boozy already, ditch the blindfold when it comes to whacking it open!

12. Beer Pong Is Coming And A Beer Drinker Always Pays Their Debts!

That's right lords and ladies, sadly season six of Game of Thronesis coming to an end. We'll have to wait another year until it returns, so make a badass GoTbeer pong table to celebrate in the meantime!


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