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15 Reasons Why The Adventure Never Stops In Australia

It's no secret that we pick on Australia a lot. In the eyes of the internet, it's a land of unpredictable terrain and nightmarish local fauna. While it's fun to see just how many terrifying examples we can dig up of the chaos that comes with living there, it's also true that we're not showing the whole picture of the smallest continent. 

So some Australians are understandably annoyed about this Mad Max image their homeland has and argue that the Land Down Under is home to far more beautiful beaches and adorable animals than we realize when we focus on the spiders and snakes.

Yet both the country's alarming and adorable aspects show that there's no place in the world quite like it. Australia split off from Antarctica millions of years ago and in that time, its isolation has allowed some truly unique creatures to evolve. Since its famous outback is home to notorious harsh climates, many of those animals had to be just as tough to survive. This is why so many of them are as unnerving as they are and why it was such a big deal when Johnny Depp tried to bring his dogs in the country. The whole ecosystem can change dramatically when outside species are introduced.

So let's celebrate Australia's unique majesty by once again trembling in horror at 15 of its most ghoulish creations.

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1. This creepy-looking bug is called a mole cricket.

They're harmless to humans, but as one commenter put it, "you wouldn't want one in your hair!"

2. This bizarre, faceless puppet was from a children's show if you can believe it. 

It would be right at home in a horror movie, but I guess you have to prepare kids for toilet snakes and dust storms somehow.

3. Yet another massive snake snags an unfortunate victim.

I would guess that Australia has a lot of inside dogs.

4. Still, even the frogs can handle themselves when snakes are around.

This scene would make most of us uneasy, but it seems many Australians just wish these frogs would stop clogging their toilets.

5. Surprisingly, we can take a little comfort from this scene.

At least the spiders and snakes are too busy attacking each other to bother anyone else. The spider is a redback and it's the clear winner here.

6. In fact, it's hard to find a fight the redback spider can't win.

It definitely seems to be making short work of this lizard.

7. Someone captured a group of tiger sharks having a feeding frenzy.

It's worth a watch just to see a whale completely disappear.

8. Here's what one of those tiger sharks looks like.

Unfortunately, this one was apparently killed as bycatch, but it's worth noting that it's about 20 feet long.

9. Of course, it's not just the spiders that get bigger in Australia.

As far as we can tell, this is a Zebra Spider Wasp. I do not envy Australian exterminators.

10. Driving in Australia presents some unique challenges.

Fortunately, this is just a non-venomous huntsman spider. Some Australians like them because they keep pests away.

11. Once you get on the highway, you'll have these to worry about.

In an effort to keep up with every other dangerous animal, the birds are notoriously aggressive.

12. Australia's not the only place to have dust devils. They're called willy-willies there.

They've also known to wreak havoc on windshields.

13. If moths creep you out, I have some bad news for you.

On the east coast of Australia, they're even bigger than we think.

14. Not even Australians are used to some of the creatures that can turn up.

Take the frilled shark for example. Its ancestry goes back about 80 million years but it's rarely seen today. Somehow I can't blame the fisherman who caught this for not feeling lucky.

15. I can't see the meter reader being thrilled about this.

I guess this is one way to keep your energy bill down.

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