Saturday, September 17, 2016

15 Surprising On Set Facts From Filming 'Wayne's World'

Wayne's World! Party time! Excellent!

Oh, Wayne's World. You have so many great quotes, I might as well just recite the whole movie. From unforgettable one-liners to hilarious and impressive cameos, this movie has it all. But how much do you reallyknow about Wayne's World? I've pulled together a bunch of little-known facts about this epic movie for your enjoyment!


1. Despite the success of the film, the studio originally didn't fully understand the concept.

Um, the concept is pretty clear.

2. Gary Wright recorded a new version of "Dreamweaver" specifically for the film.


3. When Wayne and Garth can't stop laughing during the famous car hood scene, the two actors are actually laughing from exhaustion.

It was the last day of shooting and they were trapped in a laughing fit, so the director said to keep rolling and they used it in the film!

4. The film is set in Aurora, Illinois, but no parts of the film were actually shot there.

Mike Myers said he thought Aurora’s demographics were similar to his hometown of Scarborough, Ontario.

5. Dana Carvey can actually play the drums, and shows his actual talent in the film.

Garth likes to play.

6. Hosting a local cable access show was a lifelong dream of Mike Myers, and he wanted Wayne's World to be about him living that dream.

Apparently he never actually had one because he "never got around to the paperwork."

7. Led Zeppelin refused to let any part of "Stairway to Heaven" appear in the film and it's joked about in the movie.


8. Originally, Mike Myers was going to air the character of Wayne Campbell to Canadian audiences, but instead he presented the character on SNL and it was a hit!

Thus the movie!

9. Mike Myers almost quit the film when the producers said they wanted a Guns N' Roses song instead of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody."

Myers felt that people needed to be re-introduced to Queen's masterpiece. He was right!

10. While he got Queen in the movie, Myers didn't think the headbanging scene was funny at all.

The director had to negotiate with Myers and he ended up doing it, even though he was very upset.

11. Rob Lowe said he found his "hitherto untapped gift for comedy" after being in Wayne's World.

Myers liked him so much he asked him to be a part of two Austin Powers films. Go Rob!

12. Apparently Dana Carvey and Mike Myers had a falling out because Carvey thought he stole one of his characters and made it into Dr. Evil in Austin Powers.

The two have since made up.

13. Alice Cooper thought he was just making a cameo to do one or two lines, but he ended up doing a whole monologue.

Cooper is known to be a history buff, so he didn't mind at all.

14. Dana Carvey based Garth on his brother, Brad.

Apparently Brad Carvey is described as having the same "shy smile and soft, occasionally squeaky voice” as Garth. Cool!

15. The episode of The Twilight Zonethat Garth describes to us doesn't actually exist.

There's probably a lot of things in Garth's mind that he thinks are real that actually aren't.

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Party on, Garth. Party on, Wayne.


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