Sunday, September 18, 2016

15 Times Instructions Were Followed To A T

People overuse the word literally.

"It was so funny, I literally died laughing." "I literally ate so much I puked." And the most famous use of literally that I don't fully understand, "I literally can't even." Much like answering, "I'm doing good" every time someone asks you how you're doing, the word literally carries no weight. It's meaningless. Like the crucifix necklaces some girls wear in porn videos. THE LORD KNOWS YOU'RE A FAKE, SINNER!

There are times, however, when people use "literally" in its proper context. Today, I'm focusing on the times people took instructions way, WAY too literally. 

On that note, please scroll to the end of this article if you can. It'll literally make me the happiest person on the planet. Thanks.

1. "Drive thru? Drive thru what?" "I'm not sure Darrell, but I ain't slowing down!"

2. I can't help but think DP doesn't stand for double penetration in this case, but the internet has trained me to think otherwise.

3. This cake decorator also deserves the smallest congratulation.

4. This gingerbread house has the appropriate level of festiveness.

5. I don't wanna blame the victim here... but they asked for it.

6. Turns out your opinion is worth about $615 in hospital bills. 

7. Nothing gets between this man and his double solid yellow line painting. 

8. Is this a literal take on a poorly worded piece of advice from McDonald's, or is it post-modern art? You decide. 

9. Time for my neighbors to think I'm being hacked to death. Thanks, fake Oreo.

10. *Sits in chair, turns on Netflix* "Yeah, honey... dinner is in the oven." *slowly smirks and sips beer*

11. I'm literally aroused. 

12. You must be wondering what to do with the poo now.

13. That face is literally the cutest. Also, well played, Domino's.

14. "We're unpredictable. Just like our sauce." –Dominoes newest slogan.

15. A steady diet of cigarettes and alcohol and this kid will be killing open mic nights in 3–5 years.

Main image via imgur / bigpaynis

Collage images via 1. reddit / WatUTalkingBoutWill 2. imgur / volar92


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