Monday, September 26, 2016

16 Little Kids Who Are Slaying The Fashion Game

Models, flat tummy tea, and makeup videos dominate Instagram. I'm not complaining. Well, I mean, I do have a complaint about the flat tummy tea. Those ads can stop.

What I love so much about Instagram is that there are so many unique accounts. I follow almost 700 accounts on Instagram! Some of those accounts I follow are my friends, celebrities, makeup artists, and even a cat. Yes, I follow a cat on Instagram. Don't judge me! I also follow some fashion accounts, but these fashion accounts are run by young kids. There's a ton of accounts on Instagram that feature fashionable young kids. These kids have amazing style, trust me! Take a look at these 16 kids who have impeccable fashion taste.  

1. Micro-fashion at its finest! 

2. Like mother like daughter. 

3. I can't deal with this adorable baby. Especially her little bunny slippers. 

4. She has a Louis Vuitton bag? I want one! 

Not fair. 

5. These brothers are way too cute. I want their outfits but in a triple XL. 

6. I'm loving this romper. Especially the pattern! 

7. Strike a pose, girl! 

Also, that poncho is perfect for fall. 

8. I love this look. It's like the best of both worlds!

An edgy leather jacket and a girly skirt. They go together so well.  

9. I'm loving the bunny hat. Not going to lie, but this 23-year-old wants it. 

10. His shirt says exactly what he is up to! I need to get this shirt for my nephews. 

11. This little girl is rocking '90s trends from head to toe. That dress, the choker, and Dr. Martens. Love it! 

12. These twins look super suave. Work it! 

13. This little girl is giving me North West vibes.

Kim would be proud. 

14. I can't even

His outfit is so cute, and so is his hair. Too adorable! 

15. Best Friend Goals

Aww, they look like little angels! 

16. Four years old and chic as ever! 

Which outfit is your favorite? Comment to let us know! 


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