Thursday, September 1, 2016

16 Messed Up Pics Your Inner Weirdo Will Secretly Love

Don't be one of those pretentious people who think looking at completely ridiculous pictures on the internet is a waste of time. Be real. Every logical person knows people need a little weirdness in their lives. If someone says they don't, then they aren't the type of people you should want in your life.

1. Can someone please explain this to me? 

Actually, on second thought — I don't want to know.

2. Ridin' dirty, but lookin' fresh.

3. Sandals are the ideal pet. 

4. I'm no traffic cop, but this looks moderately unsafe. 

#5 is what happens when a fangirl goes too far.

5. Brace yourself for some intense creepiness. 

6. Breaking the chains of a traditional marriage, one cardboard cutout at a time. 

7. This is probably not the strangest wedding photo ever.

8. Are we all supposed to pretend this is real?

Glad to know the whole crew attended, though.

The guy in #10 has more talent in his feet than I have in my entire body. 

9. You couldn't pay me to ride this thing. 

10. Texting and driving is so irresponsible. 

11. North Americans love eating mystery food. 

12. A goat in a coat. How posh!

The guy in #15 probably walked the runway in Paris fashion week.

13. When you literally blow the toilet up.

Let's blow this potty stand.

14. Necessity is the mother of invention.

I kind of want to know if this worked.

15. That's one shady dude. 

16. I don't need a calculator to know that something definitely doesn't add up. 


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