Saturday, September 17, 2016

16 Times Your Dinner Tasted Better Than It Looked

It takes a lot to make the food I regrettably get after a night of heavy drinking look good, but apparently it's possible. Yes, for today's dose of gross and unpleasant, I present to you: times your dinner tasted better than it looked (but it still probably tasted pretty bad). 

A lot of these are gross for obvious reasons. Like there is a full dead bat soup at #6. How does one even begin to eat a bat in their soup? Is the bat just for added taste? What does a bat taste like?! And #15...that looks like a live f****** OCTOPUS!

Who am I to judge? I've eaten three-day-old meat lover's pizza dipped in ketchup during one particularly wicked hangover. I have no morals or ground to stand on in this article.

Right, so, onward! Let's get to the ugly-ass food.

1. This does seem like a good solution to the pigeon problem.

2. Move over Turducken, meet the eight arms of indigestion.

3. Let's be honest, the BEST tarantula is definitely a dead, fried tarantula.

4. Aww, chicken bear.

5. Surprisingly high in protein...but I don't need to tell the ladies that, amirite?

6. Bat soup...My question is how does one eat the bat? Does the bat get eaten at all? WHY BAT?

7. Apparently this is a Rocky Mountain Oyster. Anyone else turned on?

8. Deep fried Master Splinter

9. Why is this fish head the only thing on this plate? 

10. The Waffle Taco by Taco Bell! I'll take the octopus thing at #5.

11. If you believe cultures can be appropriated, then you must believe this qualifies. 

12. Oh look, beef baby. I have no context for this, so I'm refraining from commenting.

13. EW!! GROSS WHAT IS THIS? Oh, it's a macaroni and cheese from one of America's middle schools. It's all good now.

14. "And a side of fries," doesn't mean the same thing in every country.

15. And here I was thinking that eating live octopus was just a fetish. How ignorant of me. 

16. Ham and bana...what THE F***?!

Main image via Travel Channel

Collage images via 1. Daily Mail 2. Twitter / @allisonhhampton 3. Twitter / @ChubbyGirlGod


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