Sunday, September 11, 2016

19 Fascinating Photos That Will Improve Your Day

Photography is an awesome thing. While the internet — especially social media — is crammed with millions of unnecessary pics of boring meals, cringey duckfaces and lame cats, there are still tons of awesome images out there. Whether they capture a perfect moment in time or a unique object, these pics are sure to brighten your day.

1. Tectonics made a shoreline vertical. Oh, and those are dinosaur footprints.

2. A perfectly clear fish.

3. Gorgeous concert hall? Nope, that's the inside of a violin.

4. A wrecked plane on the seabed visible through crystal-clear water.

5. Model homes inside an old stadium.

6. Probably the best firepit ever.

7. A theater as seen from backstage.

8. This mirrored treehouse.

9. A ferris wheel, shot in long exposure.

10. Baby birds are basically dinosaurs.

11. An owl glides overhead.

12. This three-pronged bridge is nearly 400 years old.

13. A woman painted like a parrot. Look at the base of the tail - that's her foot.

14. This Icelandic mountain village is protected by an "avalanche dam".

15. Money that went down with the Titanic.

16. You mean you don't wear perfectly-aligned beachwear when you go to the ocean?

17. I never thought a plane vomiting out a helicopter would be so cute.

18. An amusement park from above.

19. Ocean swells forming a grid pattern.

Bonus! This is what happens when bees eat M&Ms.


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