Wednesday, September 21, 2016

19 Pictures To Creep You Out

Everyone has a different trigger for feeling creeped out or uncomfortable. 

For perfectionists, uneven lines set them off. For those with a sensitive stomach, a gnarly set of feet may drive them to the edge. What is it for you?

Regardless of your personality type, there is definitely something in this list of 19 things that will leave you irked. 

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1. Just one missing brick.

2. The house down the street with the cats.

3. When the cable glitches and this is stuck on the screen.

4. The way whales sleep.

5. Sometimes stuff just happens by chance that makes you uncomfortable.

6. I hope that's the case for this one.

7. A seahorse exploding babies out of its body.

8. Cliff camping.

9. This Oreo.

10. Hello neighbor!

11. The fresh dog.

12. You just don't want this at a park.

13. This guy getting a grip.

14. Just don't turn on please.

15. When you see a chair on the ocean floor.

16. Is this more comfortable for her or something?

17. Horizontally-sliced bread. 

18. The moment of agony.

19. Pitless avocados. 

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