Friday, September 2, 2016

22-Year-Old Invites 86-Year-Old Widower With No Friends Or Family On 'Date'

If this doesn't make you want to call your grandparents, nothing will. This is the scenario I dread when I think about getting older – disappearing. Thankfully, there are still people like Ellie in the world still paying attention and taking notice, and willing to make sweet gestures like this one. 

Ellie Walker, a 22-year-old grocery store worker, saw Edwin Holmes, an 86-year-old widower, almost every day at work.

"He is without a shadow of a doubt my favorite customer," she said. When she heard he would be alone over Christmas, she offered to take him out for dinner. 

Edwin showed up in a suit and tie — with flowers — for his first "date" in 55 years. Ellie couldn't help crying.

"It made me cry because I could see how much it meant for him. For me it's the most important part of my job to speak with customers and see how their day is going."

Edwin, who lost his wife in 2006 after 45 years of marriage, has a daughter and two grandchildren, but they live in Australia.

"The dinner made me very happy as it was unexpected and I had very pleasant company," Edwin said. In fact, the two struck it off so well that they've developed a friendship and regularly go for coffee together.

Talk about a sweet gesture, don't you think?

h/t The Sun


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