Monday, September 5, 2016

23 Damn Good Texts To Decimate Your Ex

Have you ever received an unwanted text from your ex? Depending on how the relationship ended, that text can range from awkward to infuriating. Just when you finally got them out of your life and moved on, they have the gall to initiate contact! Or maybe if the breakup is fresh and you're on the spiteful end of the spectrum, you're the one wishing you could send them an expertly composed message to destroy their day. Well, whichever situation you happen to fall under, the next 15 people should give you some inspiration on how to text your ex!

1. Did it hurt when you fell from Heaven? And then became the devil?

2. Everyone knows that laugh

3. Spoiler: this doesn't end like Say Anything

4. Look, it's you IRL 

5. The magic conch never lies 

6. It's okay to admit your flaws...

...if only to point out theirs.

7. Anything you need to say can be said by bored Kanye 

8. I hope you're in the mood for baby gherkins  

9. After Harambe, it's distasteful to joke about such things

10. The face on the left says it all

11. Just because you've moved on doesn't mean you can't indulge in some pettiness 

12. No more rides, in any capacity...

13. That'll do the trick 

14. Thoughtful birthday wishes are always appreciated 

15. Snapchat is also a very useful tool to get the message across 

16. Damn, that's cold

17. Points for effort 

18. From bae to ex in just one text!


20. Nah, I'm good thanks...

21. God, I love that emoji

22. Tell me how you really feel

23. Sometimes it's mutual 


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