Friday, September 30, 2016

23 Situations That Quickly Got Out Of Hand

There are few things funnier than a situation getting out of hand, whether it's on AFV when the kid misses the piñata and hits dad instead, or a news article about someone "commandeering" a forklift. 

Here are 23 situations that went from 0 to 60 reaaaaal quick. 

1. This totally legitimate interpersonal conflict. 

Seems reasonable. 

2. This inexplicable photograph. 

I can only imagine it was something along these lines. 

3. This unadvertised Home Alone sequel. 

Not a family film, that's for sure. 

4. This predicament. 

"Trust me," he said. "I'm an engineer," he said. 

5. This very to-the-point ad. 

To be fair, the jelly is delicious. 

6. This rebellious spirit. 


7. This addition to Bop It.

I didn't know they released a new version. 

8. This unanticipated plot twist.

Please, can I?

9. This monster of a boyfriend. 

This is worse than socks in an iPhone box. 

10. This transformation. 

Yes, that's how puberty works, my friends. 

11. This somewhat-to-very messed up incident. 

That comment tho.

12. This indoctrination. 

One apple, one god. Seems legit. 

13. This crappy friendship.

I don't think that's how depression works...

14. This modern-day pirate. 

I don't know what's funnier: that he was driven to commandeer a forklift for a candy bar, or that it took his employer five days to fire him for it. 

15. This turn of fate. 

See, Larry? That's how karma works.  

16. These obviously damaged goods. 


17. This racist sign. 

So... what do you sell?

18. This fair judge of the people. 

Where are we, Iran? 

19. This vindictive girlfriend.

Soon to be ex-girlfriend, I'm sure. 

20. This lesson on the birds and the bees.

See, kids? That's how quickly it can happen. 

21. This Class-A troll. 

The perfect setup. 

22. These desperate campaigners. 


23. This joker with no sense of boundaries. 

I have an innocent puppy, and there's a group of legitimately dangerous bikers nearby. Hmm... I'll just make a swift getaway on a bulldozer!


Collage images via 1. imgur / Lassannn 2. reddit / griffunk 3. imgur


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